10 Influencer Marketing Outreach Subject Lines You Can Steal Right Now 

By Morgan Kling - November 27, 2018 13285 Views
By Morgan Kling - November 27, 2018 13286 Views

Influencer Marketing: Subject Lines You Can Steal Right Now

Influencer Marketing is great once you get the hang of how to do it effectively. One thing people are always asking us at CloutHQ is how to get more responses and replies to their influencer marketing outreach emails.

So we’ve compiled a list of the highest performing subject lines that you can steal right now so more influencers open and reply to your emails. It’s not foolproof, and sometimes influencers just suck at replying. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing your best.

First, and most importantly, make sure you’re reaching out to the right email address. On CloutHQ, we show you the most up to date email for influencers on their listing.

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Copy/Paste Ready Subject Lines:

(in no particular order)

  1. {Brand Name} <->{Influencer Name} = ❤️
  2. Collab Opportunity: {Influencer Name}
  3. Urgent: Paid Posts 💰 {Brand Name}
  4. Business Inquiry: {Brand Name}
  5. Sponsorship Opportunity 💰 {Brand Name}
  6. Paid Post 💰 Do you do brand deals?
  7. No Subject (sometimes less is more)
  8. Can we pay you to post? 💰
  9. Inquiring about brand placements for {Brand Name}
  10. Looking for brand deals? {Brand Name}

Not sure what to say in your emails?

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