Why Instagram Reminders For Product Launches Are Important

By Jennifer Engevik - January 10, 2020 810 Views
By Jennifer Engevik - January 10, 2020 811 Views

How Instagram Reminders for Product Launches Work

It isn’t a secret that Instagram is the platform where the latest trends often come together.  Whether it’s in music, fashion, or art, people come to Instagram to follow their favorite brands and creators. So it’s not surprising that Instagram is working to make it easier than ever for people to shop inside Instagram. 

Early last year, Instagram released Checkout.  When a user views a brand’s shopping post, they have the option to “Checkout on Instagram”.  You are only required to enter your information once, where it will all be securely saved for the next time you shop.

Instagram Checkout

Another great addition is the ability to shop directly from creators without ever leaving Instagram.  These accounts can tag the brand they are wearing and add details in the caption. This creates an easy way for viewers to shop right from the Instagram post that inspires them.

At the end of 2019, Instagram announced yet another feature they are testing to make the purchasing process easier.  Instagram Reminders!

Instagram Reminders

This new feature is a way to set reminders about upcoming product launches.  This allows people to remember to buy your product the moment it becomes available, all inside of Instagram.

Limited releases, as well as artist collaborations, were tactics that not too long ago, were only seen with certain exclusive brands of streetwear.  Now, other companies are trying their hands with these same strategies, and Instagram is a great place to do it. As more and more shopping takes place on Instagram, they are making it easier for users to find and follow upcoming product launches from the people and brands that are most important to them.

Launch Stickers

The addition of a product launch sticker assists in this endeavor on an Instagram story. They show up on your story with a small description of the product, a countdown, as well as details for when they are being launched.

Instagram Launch Stickers

Product Launch Tag

In a user’s feed, the product launch tag allows them to set reminders of the date a certain product is being launched. From here, they can also preview details on that product as well as make a purchase the moment it is available.  And, you guessed it, this can all be done without having to leave the app.

Last Words…

So far, the brands involved in the initial testing of these reminders have found great success. They’ve reported improvement each and every month, and engagement has increased as they focus on their immersive user experience.

Product ‘drops’, as they are known the e-comm world, are a great way to build excitement about a limited release.  Reminders help your users stay in the know regarding the products they are most excited about.

It’s a beautiful thing that Instagram is making a huge push towards interactivity inside app.

Plus, don’t be surprised if you see numerous other changes in 2020 that will simplify the buying experience. This will most likely include everything from Checkouts inside Instagram to the ability to shop straight from brands themselves.

Stay tuned, and we’ll bring you the latest developments from Instagram and more!

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