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BuyerTool is a startup based out of San Diego, CA developed by performance marketers. 


For years the founders struggled with growing and managing media buying teams. They fumbled with spreadsheets and held long meetings for updates.  Their media buyers spent hours everyday cycling through tabs of ad accounts. The data wasn’t flowing fast enough. 


In 2019, they developed an internal software to manage their media buying operations that allowed them to control ad accounts and aggregate all of the data together in a single UI — less meetings, less confusion, more control, more transparency (trust).


They used the tool to scale their team from 2 media buyers to 11 in 16 months. Which also pushed their agency above the 8 figure revenue mark for 2020. 


Launched in August 2020, BuyerTool is currently in beta and is offering a special pilot rate of $350/month on unlimited spend, users, and ad accounts.