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Geek Out

The GeekOut Philosophy

We f***ing hate typical marketing events with speakers telling feel-good stories and then pitching from stage.

We didn’t see anyone doing the type of event we wanted.  So we created it. Zero ego. Zero douchiness. Zero flexing. Just pure, uncut actionable value that we can implement right away for real results. We want to learn in an intimate setting from top advertising experts in their respective fields.  We want to open up our laptops and be shown where we’re screwing up, and then be given a clear direction on how to improve our businesses.

We don’t focus on “big names” in the industry to sell more tickets. We get the workers. The ones that stay up until 2 AM problem solving, testing, tracking, and riding the conversion high.

We’re talking the real media buyers, copywriters, publishers, affiliates, creatives, brand owners, conversion specialists, and hidden gems, many of whom you may not know, nor seen on stage.

We hand-pick our teachers based on their experience and what they are currently doing to see success on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Native, Snapchat, Google, Direct Mail, and Email. We don’t get speakers that saw success a year ago and now preach outdated tactics and strategies. Our teachers live on a strict diet of conversions and clicks.

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