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Visitor Identities From Your Website Traffic for Better Omni-Channel Retargeting

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About Data Magicians

Data Magicians can unlock your website traffic and deliver hundreds of leads that are yours to keep forever.

Standard pixel retargeting anonymizes your data, expires after 30 days, and can be cleared at any time. Even worse, you’re left guessing whether or not your customer even saw your offer.

But with Data Magicians’ opt-in notices at the point of data collection and advanced AI, you can unlock active users’ names, email addresses, and website journey.

This information will improve your marketing efficiency, grow your subscriber base, and lower your cost per acquisition almost instantly.

Data Magicians’ proprietary solutions provide keystroke-level access to data on over 250 million people and 50 billion real time behaviors to deliver the highest quality audiences in real time.

Further, we can identify individuals in anonymous form with the highest degree of accuracy — all in a compliant, privacy-conscious way.

You can build your database with warm leads that are already considering your product or service without hurting your IP reputation or email deliverability.

More importantly, you’ll finally have full ownership and control of your website traffic so you can market directly to real people online or offline.

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