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Rocket Science Integrated Digital

At Rocket Science ID we deliver highly targeted in-market audiences & identify anonymous web traffic to unlock their name and authentic email.

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About Rocket Science Integrated Digital

Rocket Science will help you Increase your marketing efficiency, grow your subscriber base and lower your cost per acquisition almost instantly. Our proprietary In-Market Lead solution, gives us keystroke-level access to data on over 250 million people and 50 billion real time behaviors to deliver the highest quality audiences in real time.


Our WebCapture identity graph enables us to identify individuals in anonymous form with the highest degree of accuracy.  All in a compliant, privacy-conscious way. 


We deliver user email addresses that you don’t already have and are actively engaged & used the most. This means adding these emails to your database won't hurt your IP reputation, email deliverability & ensures compliance with all email regulations.

Harmony Steingrebe

Director of Sales & Marketing - Schaffer’s Mill

“Rocket Science ID has enabled us to generate 1,200 leads and over 3 MM in sales. I would recommend this to anyone doing digital marketing”

Christine DeVlaming

Director Of Marketing - Keowee Key

“With Rocket Science I know I am getting quality leads that exceed my expectations. Our cost per lead went from $15 to $8 and we have an increased volume of leads coming in at all times."

Bryan Torres

Chief Operating Officer - ClubHub

“As an Ecomm company, Rocket Science ID has acted as a catalyst across all marketing channels. Our cost per acquisition was cut by 48% and we grew our subscriber base from 14K To 130K in a matter of months.”

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