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Vendasta is the all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses. Find digital products to market, sell, bill, and fulfill under your brand with AI-powered tools to help you do it at scale.

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About Vendasta

At Vendasta, our core purpose is to drive local economies by democratizing technology for local businesses. We accomplish this by providing a robust AI-powered platform to local experts around the world—our channel partners. Partners use Vendasta’s technology to advertise, market, sell, bill, fulfill, and deliver digital solutions to local businesses. Our end-to-end platform and marketplace are tightly integrated into an operating system delivered to SMBs, providing a single sign-on to their digital products and analytics. Vendasta serves 60,000+ channel partners, who in turn work with more than 5.5 million businesses worldwide.

chris montgomery

Chris Montgomery

Founder & CEO, Social Ordeals

“I don’t have to think about what’s next or new on the internet. I’ve got a team of unbelievable developers at Vendasta that are constantly bringing that next wave of whatever is happening on the internet to my fingertips, to be able to sell to my clients.”

janice christopher

Janice Christopher

Owner, The Janice Christopher Agency

“With Vendasta’s Marketplace, I have everything at my fingertips. And I know that they’ve done the due diligence…I know that when I plug into that [product] it’s going to be good because a great team of people has already vetted the product and the company that’s delivering it and I can use it with 100% assurance that things are going to turn out well.”

carrie carver

Carrie Carver

VP of Information Technology,
Hearst Media Services

“Working with Vendasta has been absolutely amazing, and both LocalEdge and Hearst have benefited greatly from this experience. They have great quality products and are a true partner to us – they truly want us to succeed. We appreciate all the integrations that they’ve worked on with us over the years and how that’s allowed us to become much more efficient and streamlined. Overall I absolutely love Vendasta and greatly value their partnership.”

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