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Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution platform for ecommerce and subscription brands looking to improve their ROI from paid advertising.

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About Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports gives you the marketing data you need to optimize your paid advertising results. Our attribution is more accurate than Facebook or Google (no double counted sales revenue!), you can track by different attribution models such as First-Click, New Lead Opt-In, ReEngaged Leads, Last Click, or Linear Attribution. This gives you flexibility to see which marketing content really works, and what campaigns need to be turned off.

Wicked Reports also includes features that no other attribution software can offer, such as the ability to automatically track recurring revenue and subscription sales separately from new customer revenue, ability to track leads even if they switch devices, integrated API with Facebook and Google for fast optimization of ads from offline sales tracking, and less UTM hassle with most CRMs because they are automatically generated.

Trader’s Reserve

Financial Publisher

“It’s [Wicked Reports] telling me which sources are profitable, which are not, which sources are working, which are not, which ads or campaigns or keywords or working [...] who my best customers are, etc. So that’s a huge advantage for us, especially because our goal now is to begin increasing the money that we spend on outside acquisition sources.”

Nicholas Kusmich

Director & Chief Strategist of

“Wicked is a game changer! The ability to see exactly what is working allows you increase ROAS and decreased bleed. I recommend it to everyone doing any sort of paid advertising.”

John Parkes

CMO at ClickFunnels

“Wicked Reports has given us increased insight into return on ad spend, which is otherwise a hard number to come to. It ties back revenue to very specific advertising efforts. This has increased our revenue overall and decreased our wasted ad spend.”

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