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Matt Erickson

Strategic Marketing Expert

As the VP of Marketing at National Positions and a marketing consultant for AdBeacon, Matt Erickson brings over 10 years of experience to the field. His expertise spans B2B, B2C, agency, SaaS, and experiential marketing practices.

With his in-depth experience across various marketing channels, Matt has had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of international brands, including Facebook, Marvel, Disney, Sony, and Acer.

Focused on omnichannel marketing strategies, Matt combines his understanding of data and analytics with a need for creative solutions to think outside the box. With an interest in emerging AI technologies, Matt spends his off time experimenting with practical AI applications as they relate to the marketing and business worlds. He attended Sacramento State University (CSUS), where he earned his B.S. in International Business, B.S. in Business Marketing, and MBA.