3 Content Themes For Maximum Engagement

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Content Themes
Content Themes

Here Are Three Content Themes And Post Ideas To Captivate Your Audience

We know that you have a million things on your plate and that you wear 50 hats when it comes to marketing. Creating and planning out your Facebook posts can be time-consuming and can oftentimes feel inconvenient. However, cranking out engaging, captivating content is crucial to the success of your Facebook marketing and your business. That being said, here are three content themes you can use right now to dazzle your audience.


Likes and comments are extremely important to Facebook's algorithm.


One goal you may have for your content is to engage your audience. Engaging your audience will get them interested and they'll follow along with your brand. Here are some post ideas if your goal is engagement:

  • Tell your audience how your business was started
  • Ask people questions or recommendations
  • Show a photo of how you give back to your community
  • Display reviews for your product/service
  • Post holiday photos
  • Share content that customers took (with their permission)
  • Spotlight founders and employees


Knowledge is power!


Teaching your audience about your product/service, business, and industry will help them feel connected to you. Here are post ideas for educating content:

  • Explain why your product/service is important
  • Share your business hours
  • Show your business space with a personal tour
  • Display how your product is made
  • Share applicable news articles/topics pertaining to your industry
  • Explain why your product/service is unique and important



What will excite your followers?


Getting your audience excited will motivate them to purchase from you. Your followers and customers can fall into a monotonous routine if not kept excited and eager to see what you're going to post next. These ideas are sure to keep the excitement alive:

  • Share upcoming promotions and sales
  • Run a giveaway
  • Release information on a new product
  • Do a countdown to an important launch or event
  • Talk about events you are hosting

That's All

Now that you have post ideas in mind, it's time to create the content and schedule out your posts. Using a program such as Hootsuite can make it really simple and convenient to schedule out posts for an extended period of time. Try to post at least 3 times per week but the more, the better. Posts with photos have better engagement and will catch the eye of scrollers. Use a program like Canva to create images with your logo, text, and other graphics.

Find the content theme that works best with your audience. Test it to see what works and then keep the content flowing.

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