Facebook Updates of 2019: Part Two

By Tim Burd - August 30, 2019 1720 Views
By Tim Burd - August 30, 2019 1721 Views

Facebook Updates You Need For 2019 Part 2

Have we mentioned that Facebook puts out a lot of updates?  We have decided to extend our series into two parts in order to give you an even deeper understanding of this year’s Facebook updates.  This should help you run more successful pages and ad campaigns. 

If you missed Part 1, check it out here.  In part 1, we focused on the new feature “Top Fans”, and details related to these most active members of your Page.  Those tips were all directed at Pages with at least 10k followers.  

This session, we will focus on new Facebook Ad Solutions features.  A main theme is the addition of interactivity to your ads. The more interaction a user has, the better the results.

Ready for part two?


Facebook Updates for Ad Solutions

Technology is constantly changing the way people interact with each other, and this holds true in the same way we show ads to potential customers. Here are a few of our favorite new ways to interact with users and build your brand.  We think these are pretty awesome, and we know you will too!

Playable Ads

Facebook has introduced the idea of ‘playable ads’.  Basically it offers users a way to demo the product for free before purchasing.  This leads to higher intent installs from users who know what to expect from the app before installing it.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this feature yet, it is available to all advertisers using the app install objective in the Facebook News Feed.

Shopping Tags in Instagram Stories

Snapchat originally came up with the idea of Stories, short clips showing off a product, or an insight into daily life, but Facebook now dominates that market.  Facebook stories are starting to take hold, but the real golden child is most definitely Instagram stories.

Within the Stories format, businesses will be able to showcase their product in a more direct way.  Stickers or tags will be available for users to click, giving them product details and other information.  They will also be able to click through to your mobile site in order to make a purchase.

Ads in Augmented Reality

We sure have come a long way in the world of advertising.  Augmented reality is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to creative ways to reach your audience.  

Facebook has a feature that will Access the camera on the user’s phone, allowing them to ‘try on’ a certain color of make-up, or a specific shape of designer sun-glasses, and that is just the beginning! 

Ads for Facebook Stories

Facebook stories still haven’t quite reached the popularity that Instagram has amassed, but it is still an avenue that we recommend you check out.  There is even the potential for the story feature to be as useful as the News Feed with regards to reaching customers.

More than half of people surveyed said they’re making more online purchases as a result of seeing stories.  38% of people said that after seeing a product or service in a story they talked to someone about it, and 34% said they went to a store to look for it.

Interactivity For The Win

We hope by now you see why we are so excited about the additional ways Facebook enables us to reach customers. Even 10 years ago, the idea of ads in virtual reality would seem outlandish, but we have access to it today!  Technology is only going to go forwards and we need to stay ahead of the curve if we want to stay relevant.  

These 4 new ad platforms will definitely help you reach your target audience, the interactivity will lead to better customer action, and all this at a lower overall cost.

What do you think about these Facebook updates?

Comment on our post and let us know. Happy Hunting!


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