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Learning Phase: What You Need To Know

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Learning Phase
Learning Phase

There is a period of time called the learning phase when you first launch a campaign. During this time,  all edits that you make have some sort of effect on your ad set. But some changes will reset this phase and it is important to know which changes will do so.

What Is The Learning Phase?

When first launching an ad set, Facebook doesn't have all of the necessary information to deliver the ad properly. To ensure that your ad reaches its full potential, Facebook has the learning phase. During this time, they show the ad to different people to learn who is most likely to get you optimization events. Doing so allows them to retrieve essential data for your campaign.

During this phase, you can expect more performance fluctuations than usual. This is due to the ad being tested on different people. Your ad set will remain in the learning phase until your ad reaches 50 optimizations. The number 50 is an estimate and may vary based on ad characteristics and/or market conditions at the time your ad is running.

Learning Phase
Example of an ad in the learning phase.


Making Edits

All edits you make during or after this time will have an effect on your ad, but not all edits reset the learning phase. Insignificant changes to your ad will not reset the learning phase. Such as, changing your budget slightly or possibly changing a word in the ad copy.

The following are considered by Facebook to be significant edits and will restart the phase.

  • Any changes to targeting.
  • Any changes to the ad creative.
  • Any changes to optimization events.
  • Pausing your ad set for 7 days or longer.
  • Adding a new ad to your ad set.

Depending on the magnitude of the change, the following may or may not reset the learning phase.

  • Bid cap or target cost amount.
  • Budget amount.
    • Budget changes are not considered significant if you're using the target cost bid strategy.

After The Learning Phase

Once this phase is over, you can make an informed decision regarding your ad set. You can leave your ad as-is if you are satisfied with the results. If you're not, feel free to make adjustments to improve results or you can pause it.

Learning Phase
Example of an ad after the learning phase has ended.


In Conclusion

Be aware of the changes that you make during this phase of your ads. Pay close attention to detail while building your ad and review everything you've done before launching. This way,  you won't need to worry about making changes during the learning phase of your campaign.

Learning Phase
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