Storytelling Marketing: Boost Sales And Build Your Brand

By Tim Burd - July 30, 2019 4413 Views
By Tim Burd - July 30, 2019 4414 Views

Using Storytelling Marketing to Increase Sales and Build Your Brand

Storytelling in marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Storytelling isn’t described as a process, technique, or method. It is labeled and described as being an art. It is referred to as the art of storytelling. As an art, it requires skill, vision, creativity, and practice. Knowing this, it isn’t something you can pick up and grasp in one sitting. But if you implement storytelling into your marketing strategy and practice, you will master the art yourself. Let’s dive into how to use storytelling marketing to boost sales and to spread brand awareness.

Ready? Let’s go.


Find Your Core Message

Having a core message will prevent you from rambling on and losing the interest of your readers, without a doubt. If there is no point, people won’t know why they should continue paying attention to the story.

Airbnb uses storytelling to connect with website visitors and to make their trips and experiences relatable and intriguing.

Decide What Kind of Story

  • Incite action. This type of story has a goal to get people to do something. You get them to take action by motivating them with your story.
  • Tell people about yourself. You can talk about yourself, ups and downs that you’ve gone through, and can entice and inspire others. The connection they’ll feel after knowing your story will motivate them to jump on your bandwagon, follow your personal brand, follow you on social channels, etc. When they feel like they know and relate to you, they’re more likely to follow along.
  • Conveying value. If your values align with those of your readers, they’ll relate with you and follow you. This helps generate sales for your company and helps your personal brand.
  • Educate and pass knowledge along. When you’re educating, people are likely to be engaged, hooked, and pass the knowledge along in the future.

Establish Your CTA

Okay, now you’ve told your story and people are hooked on you and your personal brand. They’re intrigued and motivated to know more. However, they don’t know where to go next with a call to action. If you want these stories and followers to transfer into conversions and sales, you need to tell them where to go from here. Tell them to check out your company, join your email list, follow your social channels, etc. Include a special discount code for those listening to your story to get that initial sale from them. This doesn’t have to be a major commitment, it could just be getting them to join your list to hear your next story and eventually convert them into a customer.

Tell Your Story

In summary, tell a relatable story that people can relate to. Include a conflict that hooks people in. Lastly, have a resolution. If you follow these steps, you will succeed in storytelling marketing. Above all, when people feel like they really know you and your brand, they’re more likely to become customers for life.

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