Disruptive Marketing: What You Need To Know

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Disruptive Marketing
Disruptive Marketing

A disruptor brand is a company that started online, is innovative, and rattles their industry. They transform the consumer experience and encourage doing things differently. There has been a drastic increase in disruptor brands and disruptive marketing over the last several years and we expect that number to continue increasing.

Disruptive Marketing
Being first to do something can be intimidating, but even more rewarding.

According to a Facebook study, nearly nine in ten of these companies reported Facebook as an effective marketing channel. This study also found that 72% of the companies are experiencing rapid or consistent revenue growth.

What Are They Doing Differently?

Disruptor companies see a gap in an industry and dive head first to fill that gap. Some great examples of this are Uber, AirBNB and Hubble Contacts. They did something that changed the industry and transformed the way we view and use these services.

There is a lot to be learned from these cutting-edge companies. There is one thing all disruptor brands have in common. They resonate with customer needs and evolve accordingly. Do not be afraid of change. You need to pay attention to customer needs, listen to your audience, adjust your product, and crank up your marketing.

Disruptive Marketing

Disruptive marketing is any creative campaign that shuffles the usual industry approach and challenges the norm of today’s marketing.

In a study, 73% of disruptive companies stated that they have collaborative relationships with other companies on Facebook and 80% pass business learnings to others in their community. In such a competitive market, it's okay to share your knowledge and encourage others. Collaborative efforts are likely beneficial for all parties involved.

When done correctly, disruptive marketing resonates with customers at times when usual methods may not have. Your risk with this method can pay off when tasteful, creative and well-researched.

For Example

Women's razor company Billie defied the industry norm when they ran ads that showed women with body hair. In the past, women's razor companies have had commercials showing women "shaving" perfectly smooth legs. Billie's "Project Body Hair" is disruptive to the women's razor industry and it's paying off.

Disruptive Marketing

Why Do Consumers Love It?

It changes the way they perceive advertising. Uber has been so successful that the term "Uber" is commonly used as a verb now. It is attention grabbing and approachable. The Billie ads are receiving such great feedback because their demographic is relating to the ads. They have created a simple product that has been done before, but they're having great success due to their disruptive ads.

Have you run any ads that you'd consider disruptive? With great risk comes even greater reward.

Happy Hunting!

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