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By Tim Burd - September 10, 2019 3756 Views
By Tim Burd - September 10, 2019 3757 Views

Facebook has Replaced Relevance Score with Ad Relevance Diagnostics

Relevance is a big word when you are trying to appeal to your customers through your ads. Scientifically, people prefer watching an ad, reading an article or even glancing at a promotional picture if the materials are relevant to them. 

For example, imagine walking in the mall, your eyes would often catch a glimpse of a poster with food as opposed to a poster featuring a new printer. This is why advertisers show their ads with relevance to achieve a better outcome. 

Your ads need to be relevant.


Relevance also means choosing the right place with the right audience. You don’t put up a poster of the latest McDonald’s burger in the entrance of a health food store. Likewise, you don’t advertise the most trusted Nursing home in the baby section.

You should assess the relevance of each ad to your audience before delivering it because these ads cost money and spending on ads with no results is a waste of financial resources.

Ad Relevance Diagnostics

Facebook has a feature called Ad Relevance Diagnostics. This is like a reality check on the effectiveness of your ads. If your advertising goals aren’t met, ad relevance diagnostics can help you understand the areas where you need improvement. It evaluates each ad’s past performance in the ad auction over the date range you’ve set. It is a default column in the Performance preset but must be added manually.

The diagnostics are:

Quality Ranking

Essentially a measure of quality against competitors. It can be measured from the feedback of people viewing or hiding your ad.

A ranking of below average (bottom 20% of ads) means that your ad was amongst the lowest 20% of all ads competing for the same audience. 

Engagement Rate Ranking

Pertains to the probability of a viewer to click, react, comment, share or expand your ad. Take note that engagement-baiting like asking for likes, will not improve your ad’s ranking.

Conversion Rate Ranking

Describes the likelihood that a person who viewed your ad will complete your optimization goal.

Say your optimization goal for a campaign with Video Views would be a 10-second video watching. This diagnostic shows the number of viewers who completed a 10-second video watching.

Impression Threshold

Note that optimization goals like ad recall lift, impressions, reach or custom conversions are not measurable Engagement nor Conversion Rate Ranking. And to ensure accuracy, diagnostics are only available for ads with more than 500 impressions.


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