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Facebook Ad Placements: What to Know

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Facebook ad placements and how to successfully implement them into your marketing efforts.
Facebook ad placements and how to successfully implement them into your marketing efforts.

Ad placements designate where your ad actually shows up and on what platform. Placements help you reach more of the people you care about while giving you a variety of options where and how to display your ads to your audience.

Check out what you need to know about Facebook ad placement.
Keep reading for what you need to know to properly take advantage of each ad placement.


Feeds: Ads will appear on desktop or mobile News Feeds. They are the standard ad format and can include headlines, ad text, image, video, and CTA. Users can comment, like, and share these posts. These ads are often linked to a landing page or website.

Here in one on several ad placements.
This is an ad for Linkedin. The placement selected is the news feed on a desktop.

Right Column Ads: Your ads appear in the right-side columns across Facebook. Right column ads only appear to individuals browsing Facebook on their computer.

Right hand column ad placement on desktop
I may be a little biased...but view above for a great example of a right-hand column ad.

In-Stream video: Your ads appear as short videos in both Live video and Video on Demand on Facebook. Think of these ads as a commercial break.

Click here for more info on In-stream video ads

Instant Articles: Instant articles are similar to ads in the news feed, but are designed to get your content read by your audience.

Marketplace: Your ads will appear in the Marketplace homepage or when someone browses Marketplace in the Facebook app on their phone.

Learn more about Ads in the Marketplace here

Stories: For this placement, ads appear in users stories on Facebook. Stories are optimized-for-mobile, full-screen and less the 15-second video ads.


Feeds: These ads will appear in a individuals feed. They can include images, carousel ads, and videos.

Stories: Stories ads gives you the option to add “swipe up to see more” links to your ads. With this placement, you only have 15 seconds. Make sure you keep it simple and get your message across quickly.

Get users engaged with your content.
Instagram stories ad example. Notice the "swipe up to subscribe."


Inbox: Your ads appear in the Home tab of Messenger. Individual’s browsing through their Messenger inbox may see an ad for your brand just as they would in the feed.

Sponsored Messages: Your ads appear as messages that are delivered directly to a person when they have an existing conversation with you in Messenger.

Audience Network

Native, interstitial, and banner: Your ads appear on apps and websites in the Audience Network.

In-stream videos: Your ads appear as short videos that run before, during a break, or after video content in a video player on a website.

Until Next Time

Facebook Ad placements are easy to tackle once you get a hang of the system. Understanding how to properly utilize proper placements will maximize results.

Happy Hunting everyone and thank for reading our blog.

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