Certify Compliance to Facebook’s Non-discrimination Policy

By Tim Burd - October 24, 2018 13477 Views
Facebooks Non-discrimination policy
By Tim Burd - October 24, 2018 13478 Views

Advertisers Must Certify Compliance With Facebook’s Non-Discrimination Policy

Anytime you run Facebook Ads you are agreeing to their non-discrimination policy. Periodically Facebook will ask you to review the policy and certify your understanding and compliance with Facebook’s non-discrimination policy. This is to help maintain the morality of Facebook Advertising.

“Ads are discriminatory when they deny opportunities to individuals or groups of people based on certain personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family/marital status, disability or medical or genetic condition.”

View what Facebook says about the policy here.

Facebook asks all of its advertisers to review and accept the non-discrimination policy. For those advertising running housing, employment, or credit advertisements it is especially important. If you choose to run these types of ads they must be inclusive and extended to all groups of people.

Acceptable Targeting Examples

  •      Housing Targeting: Targeting an ad to a gym to people who live or work in the area around the location of the gym.
  •      Employment Targeting: Targeting an ad for a job as a physical therapist to people interested in sports medicine.
  •     Credit Targeting: Targeting an ad for a loan to all individuals of eligible age.

    Ad Discrimination Examples

    •      Housing Discrimination: Targeting an ad for an apartment that excludes certain zip codes with the goal of denying individuals by race, religion, or any other attributes listed in the policy.
    •     Employment Discrimination: Targeting a Job for a salesperson that excludes women from applying.
    •      Credit Discrimination: Targeting an ad for a credit card with the attempts to exclude individuals of certain sexual orientation.

It’s your responsibility to review the non-discrimination policy and brush up your knowledge. Facebook is a place of many opportunities and with that everyone has an equal right to taking advantage of it.

Facebook's Non Discrimination Policy
There is no room for discrimination on Facebook. We can all get along 🙂

Let’s Sum it Up

In conclusion, there is no room for discrimination anywhere! Keep it that way on Facebook as your run your ads and within our AdLeaks community.

Happy Hunting!

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