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Split Test Feature

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facebook split testing
facebook split testing

In order to be successful with your advertising, you have to be willing to test and compare different tactics.  Facebook recently added a split test feature that makes it easier to compare campaigns side by side.

This update allows advertisers to test different components of an ad across devices and browsers.  The goal of the update is to help increase brand awareness as well as conversions. Split testing helps us marketers make the most of our advertising budgets which use to a completely manual endeavor, times are changing for the better!

Using This Feature

To set up a split test you will first need to head into your Ads Manager account and create a new campaign.  Next, you’ll need to pick the objective of your campaign. Keep in mind you can only run a split test with the Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, and conversions objectives.  

Name your campaign and select the Create Split Test Tab.  Then click Continue.

Split Test Feature

Using The Split Test Feature Inside Ads Manager

Now select the variable you want to test.  Facebook gives you three options to choose from: Delivery Optimization, Audience, and Placement.  

Split Test Feature

Select Which Variable You Will Test

Once you select a variable to test, you will need to decide what you want to test in that variable.  Selecting delivery optimization will allow you to test different delivery options and bids. An audience split test lets you compare two saved audiences.  Running a placement split test can tell you exactly what placements are performing better for you.

Finalize Your Split Test

To finish your split test creation scroll down to the budget and schedule section.  Facebook lets you choose how much budget each ad set gets. The default is a 50/50 split but if you click on Even Split, you can change allocate funds how you see best.  

Split Test Feature

Set Your Budget Split

Keep in mind that you have to spend at least $14 and run your test for 3 to 14 days. We would recommend picking a budget that will get you at least 100 clicks in each ad set and run your test for at least fourteen days. That way, you’ll have a good shot at getting useful data from your test.

Bam!  You now know how to leverage this awesome feature!  Now get out there and start testing. What do you guys think about this feature?  Comment below and let us know!

Happy Hunting!

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