Double Your Marketing Accuracy With Game-Changing Mid-Funnel Visibility

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double your marketing accuracy with game changing mid funnel visibility
double your marketing accuracy with game changing mid funnel visibility

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Lots of digital marketers and ad buyers don't really know what drives action in the middle of their funnel.

They can't see how long it takes for a prospect to move to the bottom of the funnel and make their first purchase.

Also, they can't see which specific emails, text messages, or retargeting ads performed better than others.

Before now, the data that represented middle-of-funnel performance was hidden. And as a result, high achievers have been stuck trying to optimize campaigns without the tools to test and analyze which components are actually generating clicks.

It’s time to stop making decisions based on murky data. If you're an eCommerce store or agency owner looking to boost ROAS, reduce CPA by more than 200%, and maximize ROI, this blog is for you.

Where is the Middle of the Funnel?

Prospects rarely click on an ad the first time they see it. And it’s even less likely that someone will buy your product the first time they click the ad. 

The middle of the funnel is the gap between a potential buyer’s initial interest and the final buy. At this stage, the prospect needs a lot of answers to their objections, and they’ll decide if your offer is what they are looking for or not.

The middle of the funnel is essential but often overlooked. Without it, prospects lose interest in your product quickly. 

Given its importance, this segment definitely deserves more attention.

FunnelVision by Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports has a game-changing reporting feature that allows you to access to new optimizable data points. No other marketing attribution software does this.

What is Wicked Reports?

Wicked Reports is a software platform that acts as a single source of truth for marketing data on all of your channels. Wicked provides more data than Facebook and Google, allowing users to separate first clicks from last clicks, ignore specific clicks, and pinpoint which specific resources had the best results, even in extremely clustered funnels. 

Before we discuss FunnelVision, let's look at the picture Wicked Reports already provides and how this new feature enhances it. 

Analyzing Your Marketing Funnel

You need to track at least four types of ROI to analyze your marketing funnel completely. 

  • First Click ROI
  • First Opt-in ROI
  • Last Click ROI
  • Re-engaged Leads ROI

Each one of these is individually visible on the Wicked Reports platform. But if you combine them, you can see the Multi-Touch (Full Impact and Linear) ROI option and track the effectiveness of the entire funnel.

mid-funnel visibility

All of these data points represent different stages of the pre-purchase and post-purchase sales funnel, making it easier to evaluate marketing performance at different stages of the buyer’s journey. And each one of them goes one step further than you'd get on most platforms.

To learn more about funnel analysis and how it can transform the way you do business, click here.

A Quick Win with Mid-Funnel Visibility From FunnelVision

Here's a HUGE win from one eCom brand that they were able to chalk up to mid-funnel visibility.

Just two days ago, these guys launched an awesome campaign via email and SMS and the sales started rolling in.

mid-funnel visibility

After they checked in on FB Ads Manager to look for ROAS, because in all likelihood it’s the clicks from FB that drove those email and SMS conversions - they didn’t see increased ROAS.

In fact, they only saw 12 sales, which cost $836, or $69 CAC. (Not great.)

But we know these sales came from Facebook!

Now look at March 14 in Wicked Reports’ FunnelVision:

mid-funnel visibility

44 sales on that same $836 ad spend. A $19 CAC! 

How can this be?

The ads are doing better than Facebook can report. We know that because of FunnelVision tracking and analytics by Wicked Reports.

FunnelVision not only shows 44 sales, but it also shows who made them, what they clicked on, and what they bought!

With this system in place, you won’t miss any more sales because of Facebook's short look-back window or because it literally can't see what action a customer took after leaving Facebook (like buying from an email or a text).

FunnelVision maps the Facebook click to your marketing funnel so you scale your ad spend on the right ad set that is converting, at the right step in their customer journey. 

Here's a quick snapshot of how FunnelVision breaks out all ROI at every piece of the Funnel.

mid-funnel visibility
not pictured: New ROI reports for TOF/MOF/BOF

It's a breakthrough in every way.

Recent customer feedback: “I tremendously appreciate WR, beyond words. My Google Ads would be a crap shoot without you, and, btw I would not win the crap shoot. You are my guiding light. So, thanks!”

Wicked Reports’ innovative tracking technology offers more insights into your marketing efforts, allowing you to grow your brand, stay ahead of the competition, and add more value to your offering. Book a strategy meeting now!

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Scott Desgrosseilliers is the founder of Wicked Reports, a marketing attribution company that provides actionable data on marketing results at each stage of the customer’s journey from first click to sale.