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3 Benefits of Omnichannel Tracking

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omnichannel tracking benefits
omnichannel tracking benefits

Is there a way to leverage AI and omnichannel tracking to improve campaign performance?

An AI-powered interface for ad buyers needs to do more than just answer questions or assist with simple operations. The right system should leverage multiple attribution models for accurate analysis and forecasting, and present useful insights based on granular data and buyer personas.

That interface is here — it’s called Moby, the new AI data analysis platform from Triple Whale. Read on to see why AI-enhanced omnichannel tracking will be so beneficial for ad buyers in the extremely near future.

1. Attribution Model Analysis

Traditional data analytics tools can be overwhelming, and small businesses can suffer from overload that prevents them from leveraging the right data to scale winning products and grow. 

Larger businesses aren't spared either, especially when toolkits become disjointed, tech stacks become bloated, and there isn’t a single source of truth for their information. Even AI can be hindered by fragmented data.

Triple Whale solves this by creating a unified data language specifically for ecommerce brands. The intuitive, ChatGPT-like interface allows you to ask anything, and get instant, accurate answers based on your proprietary information. You can also uncover hidden trends and powerful insights for better, clearer decision-making.

2. Forecasting Based on Historical Data

Your existing data is the best way to understand your business and prepare yourself for future success. 

Identifying trends and buying patterns in past months makes it easier for you to plan future ad campaigns, inventory needs, and other essential considerations.

Fortunately, Triple Whale’s Moby empowers anyone to become a data analyst.

With simple prompts, you can create forecasts for any metric accessible within the platform, including visual representations of the data that can make planning easier and keep your organization agile. You can also save prompts and automate unique reports that you’d like to receive on a recurring basis to stay aware of trends.

3. Creative Development & Analysis by Asset

Capturing and analyzing data related to each of your creative assets’ performance requires a lot of back-end effort to produce meaningful insights and actionable data. 

Moby, however, bridges the gap to make your data accessible and understandable. Instead of struggling to translate your data into a format an AI can comprehend, Moby gathers, analyzes, and presents your creative performance data in accurate and useful ways.

Start by reviewing each of your creative assets’s performance by specific metrics like ROAS, clicks, conversions, or others to see which performs the best. The additional context and depth of analysis makes recommendations more useful and quicker to implement.

And instead of compiling this data over hours or days, Moby can do all of the compiling for you in seconds with a few simple prompts.

Also, Moby can deliver buyer personas based on the ad creative you provide, which you can then use to develop new assets based on the descriptions and insights available from your winning creatives. Moby will even write new ad copy for you based on top performers and buyer personas as well!

Moby is currently available to select Triple Whale partners — click here to join the list for early access.

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