Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

By Tim Burd - January 17, 2019 5998 Views
These basic tips will lead to conversions.
By Tim Burd - January 17, 2019 5999 Views

Compelling Landing Page Copy Equals Conversions

Words often lead to people making final decisions, therefore, having compelling copy on your landing page will lead to conversions.  In this article, I am going to focus on the importance of landing page copy. Here are some basic tips:

Optimize your mobile landing page to boost sales.

KISS (Keep, it, Simple, Stupid)

A common saying in the marketing world but fits perfectly for good landing page copy. There is a limited amount of space to explain what you are offering, so use short sentences and write as if your audience is reading at a 6th-grade level. Your copy should:

  • Be clear and relevant to your audience.
  • Focus copy on your leads and their outcomes.
  • Use second-person point of view in your copy.
  • Be specific and use different themes, tones, and tactics to test your copy.

Components of Successful Landing Page Copy

Headline: Headlines are usually the first thing your leads will see. Therefore, your headline should be simple and clear but bring a punch. As well as be specific and focus the most important part of your offer.


Headline is one of several components included in your landing page copy.
Use creative and powerful headlines to grab the attention of your audience. Keep in mind clarity should be the top priority.


Call-To-Action (CTA): Your CTA can come in many different forms on your landing page. Make sure your copy is relevant and directly corresponds to other content on the page while focusing on helping your leads achieve their goals.


CTA can go along way in turning leads into conversions.
Example of how Spotify uses CTA. They feature two clear CTA buttons. One leading to the free version while the other the paid.


Body Copy: This is where you will answer questions your leads have about your offer. It is important to do some research on your audience when writing your body copy. Avoid being too “wordy” but make sure to include key points.

Give them Proof: Use testimonials, reviews, and users’ social posts as copy for your landing page. As a result, this will make your leads feel more comfortable with what you are offering. Let your happy customers write the copy for you!

Test Your Copy

Testing is key in creating compelling landing page copy that turns leads into conversions. Something as simply changing a single word in the headline might be the difference. Consider testing headline and subheadline variations and use different CTA copy to see what is working best. keep in mind images, placement, flow, and layout of the landing page. Tips from Facebook on testing here.

Creating successful landing page copy takes time. Taking the positive from this, you have plenty of time to experiment. Be patient and figure out what works best for you. Would love to hear your thoughts?

Happy Hunting!

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