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Building Your Facebook Audience

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Getting Facebook Likes
Getting Facebook Likes

You're using Facebook to build your business. And there are necessary steps you need to make in order to do so. One of the first things on your to-do list is to build your audience. On Facebook, this means getting more likes and getting more exposure. We are going to show you the steps on how to get more likes on your Facebook Page. From there, you'll want to gain traffic, direct that traffic to your website, turn that traffic into leads and convert those leads to customers.

If you're new to Facebook Pages or are wanting to build up your Facebook audience, this is for you.

Getting Facebook Likes
Use these tips to get more Facebook Likes.

Add Searchable Content

All of the content on your Facebook page will be organized by search engines, leading more traffic to your Page. Knowing this, spend time on each section of your page, optimizing keywords and giving a clear objective of what your page is for. In the About section of your Page, give a clear description of your business, a link to your website and other keywords and explanations of what you have to offer.

While you're creating your Page, follow Facebook's tips and tricks along the way. They are there to help and offer good insights into what works well. The first step is to complete your Page from start to finish, filling in all applicable sections.

Blast Your Facebook Link

The goal is to make your Facebook Page as easy to find as possible. Plugging your social media link to like your Page will provide easy access to people outside of Facebook. Include your social media links in your emails, on your website, and other social media channels. Your Page Plugin allows you to easily embed and promote your Facebook page on your website. Visitors can Like or even Share your Facebook without even leaving your site. To make your Page Plugin, start here.

Engage Consistently

The most engaging part of Facebook is the News Feed. The Facebook algorithm optimizes posts and Pages that have a lot of engagement. Because of this, you need to ensure you're engaging with your posts. Include eye-capture images, clear copy, ask questions, etc. In addition, answer questions, and like and reply to comments.

Also, be sure to post relevant, valuable content and keep it consistent. Think about the posts you like to see in your News Feed and the posts that you interact with. You may not remember one single post from a business, but you will remember a business that posts frequent, valuable content.

Send The Invite

Don't be afraid to send the invite for people to like your Page. Facebook users are more likely to like a Page if it already has some sort of following. Your family, friends, employees and business partners are likely happy to Like your business page and support you. So send that invite and ask to like your Page.

In addition, you can upload your email list and send an invite to all of those contacts to like your Page. Go to the Build Audience page and click Invite Email Contacts. from there, you'll be able to upload your email list and send that invite to up to 5,000 contacts at once.

That's A Wrap

You can never have too many likes. Whether you're new to using Facebook for your business or are just wanting to grow your audience, use these tips to get more likes. More likes means more exposure, more clickthrough, and more sales.

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