The Quickest Ways To Bring Traffic To A New Website

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Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Maybe you are a long-standing business that has had a successful website for a long period of time. Odds are, you probably have a decent amount of traffic coming to your website daily. On the other hand, maybe you're just starting up your business. Maybe you've just created a new website. This is where it is a bit more difficult to get people to visit your webpage. If you implement these changes, we can assure you that your website traffic will pick up. Here are our awesome tips for bringing traffic to your new website.

Website Traffic
We're here to help point your traffic in the right direction.


Tip #1: Link up with Other Content Creators

Cohost blog content, do a joint webinar, write a roundup post, post interviews with other people. For example, have you checked out our podcast? We bring on the industry's top professionals and pick their brain on all topics under the sun. Check it out here. Industry experts are generally flattered to be interviewed. So reach out and ask! When the content is published, these experts are likely going to share it. (You could even reach out to them and ask.) This gives your content a lot more exposure and directs new people to your website.

Tip #2: Giveaways, Contests, and Other Promos

Reach out to other websites in your niche and offer something valuable to their audience, and they'll spread the word for you. If they do spread the word, they'll increase traffic to your website. People get excited at the thought of winning something. Whether you are pairing up with other businesses, doing a giveaway of your own, etc. this is likely to increase website traffic.

Protip: Don't forget to grab emails! Make sure that your "entry" into the giveaway requires an email address. This way, you can email future promos, share blog content, or re-target them on Facebook.

Tip #3: Send Push Notifications

Sending push notifications is one of the most simple ways you can get traffic to your site. When people visit your website, the odds are actually pretty slim that they'll return. With one click, someone can subscribe to your site without an email address. Anytime you publish new content, your subscribers will get a notification and quickly gets users back to your site. Check out OneSignal for website push notifications.

Tip #4: Paid Ads

It goes without saying, we are huge believes of this tip. Running paid ads will place your business right in front of those in your demographic. For example, Facebook's laser-sharp targeting technologies along with countless metrics create huge success for advertisers. If you're just getting started with ads, check out this article.

Tip #5: Interact with Others

Interacting and building relationships with others in your industry is sure to get you brand exposure. In addition, furthering the business relationship can lead to joint blogs, roundup posts, and other features. Leave detailed comments that provide some feedback on blogs. You leave your name and URL. The URL that you enter should be for your business. If people like your comments, they're likely to click your link.

Have Fun with it!

Don't forget to take a step back and remember why you wanted to build your own business in the first place. Whether your goal is spreading awareness, selling, making money, or something else, website traffic is very important.

Happy Hunting!

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