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By Tim Burd - October 21, 2018 3444 Views
By Tim Burd - October 21, 2018 3445 Views

An opportunity to target new audiences has arrived on Facebook. In-stream video advertising allows you to deliver 5 – 15 second mid-roll video ads. Your ads are delivered to an audience who has spent at least 60 seconds viewing a video. This means users are already engaged and more likely pay attention to your message.

In-stream ads are delivered to people already engaged!
Heck Yeah


In-stream video ads are perfect for delivering a complex message. These ads cannot be skipped, making it similar to a commercial for the viewer. See below for tips to keep in mind when creating your in-stream video ads.

Getting Started

Create a video ad 5-15 seconds long: It is crucial to capture the attention of your audience fast! Become creative in making sure your viewers will want to stay engaged throughout the ad. Shock or surprise the audience, make them laugh and consider using overlay text for viewers who may be watching the video with the sound muted.

Here are a couple more technical specifications to consider.

  •      Make sure your file is 4GB or smaller
  •      Use an aspect ratio of 16:9 (landscape), square (1:1), or 9:16 (vertical)
  •      Add video captions
  •      Make sure the audio quality is good

Why Run In-stream Video Ads?

This ad type is offered for specific objectives including Video views, Brand awareness, Reach, and Post Engagement. If your goal is to increase these objectives, you should be using in-stream video. This placement gives you access to a huge audience.

Over one billion people see an ad through Facebook’s Audience Network every month. You have access to a global audience with an average of 16% more people than Facebook or Instagram alone. Statistics have shown that non-skippable video ads outperform all other video advertising options at holding viewers’ attention.


In-stream videos have a lot of attention and eyeballs viewing them.


Grasping the basic is a big step to creating successful In-stream Video ads for your business. Experiment with this exciting feature and have fun getting creative in ways to capture the attention of your audience.

Comment below and let us know what you think about this ad placement.

Happy Hunting!

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