How to Create Winning Landing Pages: Part #1

By Jennifer Engevik - January 24, 2020 2973 Views
By Jennifer Engevik - January 24, 2020 2974 Views

It’s time to talk landing pages! We’re about to embark on a series of five posts that focus on creating and optimizing landing pages for increased conversions.

One of the most important things to remember as you grow your brand is that your work on landing pages should be a neverending process.

As time progresses, variables are always changing… consumers are always evolving… and technology advancements are continual.

And data, it’s everything!

So let’s get started and dig into the science of building and optimizing winning landing pages.

Landing Page Optimization

Lesson #1:  Your Highest Conversion Rate Gains Will Come from Your Landing Page, Not the Ads You Create

If you’ve been testing numerous ads and wondering why you’re not getting the conversions you want (or you’re getting a steady amount of conversions and assume you’re doing the best you can), but haven’t rigorously tested your landing pages, you’re probably missing out on growth.

This may sound a bit harsh, but this is landing page 101 — optimization is a must.

We can’t tell you how many brands create landing pages and just let them ride for days, months… and sometimes even years. Testing ideally should begin the moment you launch a landing page and in most cases continue weekly.

Lesson #2: It All Begins with Your Headline

Headline Optmization

You’ve only got a couple of seconds to grab a reader’s attention. According to recent industry research,  only 2 out of 10 people read beyond the headline.

So you’ve got to think deeply about what your headline needs to convey and make it as compelling as possible. Consider the following questions:

  • Does your headline correlate with your ad? 
  • Is your headline providing a solution?
  • Are you using title case? 
  • Are you using a subheader? 

If your answer is “no” to any of the above, consider making adjustments one-by-one and carefully testing.

You can also try asking compelling questions within your headlines and testing varying levels of “aggressiveness.”

For example, an aggressive headline can be something like: “This Top-Secret Marketing Tactic May Change Everything” or “Why Women Are Raving About This Face Mask.”

Aggressive headlines contain some sort of shock value or leave a big question mark in the reader’s mind, hopefully inspiring consumers to learn more.

Lesson #3: Make Data Your Best Friend 

There are several tips and tricks for testing your headlines —and in the end, they should mostly revolve around data.

When testing headlines, work to analyze as many metrics as possible, including:

  • Which headlines inspire users to move down the page and which don’t. You can use tools like HotJar to examine how far users scroll down your lander. The toll offers both datasets and recorded user sessions that are fascinating and inciteful to watch.
  • Which headlines inspire more conversions and which don’t.  You may be quite surprised at what headlines work the best to drive conversions. Weirdly enough, not all headlines that inspire users to move further down the page inspire more conversions. That’s the strange part about data… it can paint some unexpected pictures.
  • Which headlines work best with which images. We haven’t gotten into the topic of testing images yet, but for the sake of this discussion, it’s important to remember that headline/image combos can change everything.

Diving into data is fascinating and rewarding. If data isn’t one of your favorite topics, it’s time to make friends with it! You’ve got this 🙂

Last words…

This should be enough to get you rolling on your first set of landing page revisions…

As you dive into your testing flow, you can think of it as a symphony. You’ve got to get all of your instruments playing together in harmony.

Beginning with your headline, it’s got to play to the desires and needs of your audience. How can you hit their pain points and fears, while inspiring them to trust you and your product offerings? How can you structure your headline to inspire consumers to keep reading? Keep them on their toes — wanting to learn more?

The only way you can know is by testing, analyzing, and staying ever curious.

Update: Read Part Two here. And Part Three is here! Stay tuned for Part Four…

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