Making Community Marketing Your Priority

By Tim Burd - July 26, 2019 1270 Views
By Tim Burd - July 26, 2019 1271 Views

Leveraging Community Marketing To Increase Sales

If you want a sustainable long-lasting brand that stands the test of time, there is ONE thing you MUST focus on and that’s YOUR COMMUNITY. Now, one thing before we get into the weeds. I wanted to just quickly define what community marketing is and then we will go into the why. 

What Is It?

So, Community marketing is essentially a strategy to engage your audience in an informal way to create a conversation, receive feedback, etc. Marketing strategies such as ads, personal relations, and sales all focus on attaining new customers. However, Community Marketing is really focused on the existing customer base and their needs. 

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Why Is Community Important?

Now, you may be asking yourself. If I am killing it with my sales, why would I invest in building or nurturing a community? Well, the answer is simple; YOUR COMMUNITY IS YOUR BRAND! 

Just check out this quote recently released by Facebook in their article “Why communities should be your next creative muse”

“A recent global survey revealed that 72% of people see community existing online as much as offline, and 74% now expect brands to actively contribute to society. And forward-thinking brands are finding that connecting with the communities that matter most to people can be a powerful way to not just give back, but to stand out.” – Facebook IQ 

So, in other words, over 70%+ of your audience are expecting an online community to exist that is associated with your products. And, if you don’t have one, you are most likely missing out on some very valuable attention and opportunities. 


The ways in which you can engage your community really are endless. You can create a private group, you can have live group calls, you can ask for feedback from your most loyal fans, you can share your content with them, you can ask them to help share a piece of content, and the list goes on and on. 

Another HUGE benefit is the relationship building between your customers and your fans. Being able to hear, see, and get to know another person can really solidify a brands position. If these folks are purchasing the same products, they likely have something in common and those conversations can be very constructive and helpful for all. Once your community is established you will very likely have several people who stand out in the group and they can be a great resource to not only assist you with the group, but also help you make informed decisions in your business.  

Coming Together

Really, what it’s all about, Community marketing is gathering a group of people who are committed to going on a journey together. Then providing them with an environment where they feel comfortable, accepted, and like they’re contributing to the group. Meaning, if you can do this, the loyalty of your customers to your brand will be off the charts and they will be ready to go to battle when called upon…  

Working together has awesome results.


Just remember, if you can; Inspire, Entertain, Celebrate, & Empower your community, YOU WIN! 

Happy Hunting! 

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