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By Tim Burd - September 6, 2018 5030 Views
By Tim Burd - September 6, 2018 5031 Views

Running successful Facebook campaigns isn’t easy.  It takes diligence and hard work (and of course quality content or products).  We have compiled a few quick tips and tricks you can use in order to help optimize your advertising budget!  

Steady Scaling

If you are working with smaller daily budgets this first tip is a must know!  You may be duplicating your ad set and then scaling the duplication when increasing ad set budgets. While this method is preferred for larger budgets it may not be the best way to scale smaller budget ad sets.

If you have smaller daily budget ad sets ($1-$5) you can increase the budget in slow steady increments without the learning phase restarting!  Sure if you are looking to scale quickly this method may not work for you, but if you are working with startups or smaller budget clients this method is worth trying out!

Slowly Increase Your Budgets In Order To Keep Your Ads Streamlined

Note: that there is not an exact formula to this tip.  If you increase your budget too dramatically or too frequently you could risk starting the learning phase once again.  A rule of thumb we have developed is to only increase the budget by a small amount (5-10%) and to do so every other day at the max.  

Jab Jab Retargeting

We have all heard it may take up to seven touching points for a cold lead to notice our product or service.  Now, we all know that over 90% of stats are made up, but there is for sure truth to this stat! If you want someone to buy your product or service you will have to make multiple touching points to convert them to a sell.  That is where retargeting stacks come into play!

If you are not using a good amount of your budget to retarget users your advertising will be painfully slow.  Take a look below at just a few of the retargeting audiences you should have setup.

  1. Video View Audiences:  Most of us are running ads with video.  Create audiences where you retarget anyone who has viewed 75% or more of your videos with offers or promotions!  Because these users had a long view time on your video they will be likely to take action on the follow-up offer.  
  2. Retarget Loose Ends:  Running lead generation for clients?  If so you may be using lead forms in your marketing strategy!  You can create an audience where you retarget anyone who has opened but NOT SUBMITTED your lead form.  Not everyone will provide their info right away, reaching out to these drop-offs will ensure you capture everyone that may have been interested in your business.  

Leverage Automation Software

We all know how important it is to automate tasks when we can.  If you are not using automation software to both manage Facebook ads and nurture leads you are making life hard on yourself!

Automation software such as Revealbot is awesome to take time and energy out of managing your Facebook ads.  With software such as Reveal, you can create custom rules for virtually anything you can think of on any level of your advertising campaign.  

The slack integration alone on this software is enough to get you sold on the product!  If you are running ads with high budgets or juggling multiple clients, software such as this will save you time and a lot of headaches.  Check out Revealbot by clicking here.

Nurturing leads is also something that when automated correctly can have HUGE ROI.  If you want to get the most from your lead nurturing we would recommend using email as well as text automation for lead nurturing.  

Email rates are dropping and many inboxes will prioritize emails into folders such as spam and promotion folders.  These emails often go unnoticed by your leads. A simple text message reminding them of the offer or coupon code sitting in there spam folder is a great way to increase email open rates and conversions!   

Well, that’s all we have for today!  Does anyone else have any quick tips or tricks?  If so comment below!

Happy Hunting!

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