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Creating A Frictionless Shopping Experience

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Frictionless Shopping
Frictionless Shopping

Creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers will ultimately result in more conversions. What is frictionless shopping? How do you ensure you're creating a smooth experience? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Frictionless Shopping
The smoother the experience, the more likely customers are to spend money.

What Is Friction?

One major prediction for retail as we inch towards 2020 is that companies are going to double down on the customer experience. The goal will be to make shopping more personal and engaging, concentrating on building relationships and delivering added value rather than just securing a sale. Choosing relationship selling over transactional selling.

The major thing that is going to create this experience is reducing friction. Friction is anything that distracts, impedes or interrupts someone. These points of friction could be a pop-up, long queues, slow loading times, etc.

Why Is This Important?

According to a study done by Baymard Institute, $213 billion is projected to be left on the table due to checkout optimization in 2019 alone. $213 billion could potentially be recovered solely through a better checkout flow and design. That is a lot of cash. We know how important abandoned cart recovery is, but what if we could fix our flow so the cart was never abandoned in the first place?

Facebook is making it more seamless than ever before to align its platforms with your products to create this frictionless experience. Here are a few ways to streamline the process for your customers.

Story Time

Put yourself in a place where customers are already engaged- stories. Stories are where people view and discover things they care about, businesses included. Over 1 billion stories are shared every single day and are a hotspot for advertisements.

For example, "Fashion brand Mansur Gavriel used Instagram Stories to promote its fall 2018 “See Now Buy Now” collection, incorporating video into its full funnel approach, and the campaign drove 16.5X more clicks to the brand's website compared to the previous year’s show." This company boosted their clicks by using story ads, ultimately leading to more conversions and a boost in sales.

Show Relevant Products

This is where dynamic ads come into play. Dynamic ads will automatically show the most relevant products from your inventory to the people who are most likely to be interested in them. Facebook will personalize these ads without you doing the manual work for it. From the ad, you can send potential shoppers to buy online or drive people to purchase in your store. You can even use store sales optimization to reach people who prefer to buy in-store, giving everyone in your audience a shopping experience that works for them.

Shorten The Path To Purchase

Did you know that 75% of monthly active Instagram users get on the app with the intent to shop? Well, they've made it easier than ever before to shop and purchase on mobile. Shopping on Instagram allows people to see pricing by tapping a photo or a product sticker. Then, they've expedited the checkout process by directing people straight to your website to buy the product. The easier the process, the more likely they are to follow through with the purchase.

One On One

When people have a question for your business, a long waiting time to hear back could drive them away altogether. It turns out, 64% of people would prefer to message a business before calling or emailing them. In this day and age, people prefer and expect instantaneous results. Using Messenger for your business will provide ultimate customer satisfaction and drive business results.

To Wrap It Up

Creating a smooth, frictionless experience for your customers will increase your sales and that is the ultimate goal. Your customers will be happier, your conversions will increase and your business will flourish.

Happy Hunting!

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