Is Your Shopify Store a Candidate for Buy with Prime?

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buy with prime shopify OpenStore
buy with prime shopify OpenStore

Thanks to Amazon's Buy with Prime (BwP) integration, Shopify business owners can now bring the Amazon Prime checkout experience to their customers, complete with speedy and free delivery.

BwP seamlessly incorporates an Amazon Prime checkout button into your Shopify theme, but there's a catch – you'll need to enlist Amazon's fulfillment services for your products to access this enchanting feature. 

What Does This Mean For Decentralized eCommerce?

Amazon's extension of the trusted Prime experience to countless Shopify brands signifies a bold move to establish a stronger presence in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce arena.

By adding Buy with Prime, Amazon not only enhances the value proposition of a Prime membership but also extends its integrated shopping excellence to more platforms beyond its own.

This innovative service presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for entrepreneurs to retain their brand's independence and safeguard control over customer data. Yet, it also funnels a larger share of independent eCommerce activity into Amazon's orbit. 

How Does Buy with Prime Benefit Your Customers?

Buy with Prime is great news for Shopify businesses aiming to attract and convert more customers. Amazon reports that it can increase conversions by 25%, particularly for new customers unfamiliar with your brand. 

Customers also enjoy a consistent and familiar checkout process trusted by hundreds of millions. Fast, free delivery and the Amazon Prime logo enhance confidence in your business. Shoppers can also access Amazon reviews alongside your products for informed buying decisions and fewer returns. 

Read more about your Shopify store’s eligibility for Buy with Prime here.

Pros For Your Shopify Store

Advantages of Buy with Prime include:

  • Broadening your customer base by tapping into the trust behind Amazon Prime.
  • Boosting conversion rates with the familiarity of Amazon's checkout process and the reliability of fast delivery.
  • Leveraging Amazon's fulfillment centers for timely deliveries.
  • Streamlining order management directly from the Shopify admin panel.

Cons & Requirements

Some considerations and requirements:

  • At the time of writing, Amazon’s Buy with Prime is an early-access program that you need to apply for.
  • It supports single-product checkout only, not cart-building or multi-product checkout.
  • Buy with Prime is exclusive to Shopify Plus storefronts in the United States.
  • Merchants must use Amazon's fulfillment network.
  • Creates an increased reliance on Amazon's ecosystem, which may not suit all merchants seeking diversified eCommerce solutions (for example, choosing their own third-party logistics provider or shipping strategy).

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