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How Digital Marketers Can Grow By Offering Affiliate Services (and Why You Should)

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offering affiliate services
offering affiliate services

What would it take to become a trusted technology partner, with consistent, recurring income; not just a digital marketer stressing about inconsistent revenue streams and resource-intensive projects to manage?

It’s not only possible, it’s simple if you become a Vendasta affiliate. You can help increase your revenue without worrying about churn, one-off clients, and resource-intensive projects. 

Benefits of Offering Affiliate Services

Many self-employed digital marketers and small businesses may feel like they don’t want to feel the stress of fluctuating income. But that’s what makes Vendasta’s recurring payments through our affiliate program such a win-win. 

You can increase and diversify your revenue streams and expand your relationships with your best clients while minimizing the back-end work and generating revenue. Read on to learn more about how these benefits can, well… benefit you!

Diversified Revenue

Let’s be honest – digital marketing alone isn’t always the most stable source of revenue. When clients are happy and paid invoices are rolling in, things are good, but that isn’t always the case.

Promoting quality services gives you or your agency opportunities to diversify your revenue stream – which is where Vendasta can help.

Vendasta’s curated white-label marketplace creates access to more than 250 products and services that you can promote and receive affiliate fees for when someone signs up through your referral link. 

Integrated Client Relationships

When you’re promoting high-quality services that make others’ lives easier and their businesses more profitable, you aren’t just upselling. You’re helping other marketers and businesses in your space succeed – while you profit from passive income. 

Helping others in the marketplace solve pressing needs like website hosting, social media management, and SEO in addition to media buying makes you more than a vendor – you’ll become a trusted partner and thought leader that others can rely on and learn from.

Becoming an Affiliate with Vendasta

Vendasta is uniquely positioned to help content writers, digital ad experts, business coaches, and agency owners become affiliates and leverage the benefits listed above.

Top affiliate partners are already making thousands in recurring income each month. Vendasta’s revenue share structure pays a preset percentage of the subscription revenue that affiliate referrals pay for up to two years, and participants can increase their payouts by completing Vendasta’s affiliate certification quiz.

Vendasta also offers referral tracking and visibility so that if someone clicks on an ad and converts in a later session, you’ll still receive credit for that referral within 90 days.

Single referrals can earn as much as $22,000 as a lump sum payment on enterprise or custom plans. 

Click here to see pricing and learn more about Vendasta’s affiliate program.

About Keely Boechler

Keely Boechler is the Strategic Partnerships Program Manager at Vendasta, a platform of interconnected tools that helps digital marketing professionals expand offerings and earn predictable recurring revenue with healthy margins by reselling third-party software and services.