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Establishing Your Brand's Voice

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Brand's Voice
Brand's Voice

Social Media Branding: The Sound of your Brand's Voice

When running a business, it is important for people to know you exist. Whether you want your products to be sold, increase your number of subscribers, influence more people to a point or sway the hearts and minds people – they have to know who you are in the first place.

Branding is a vital step for any business who wants to create a long-term, lasting business. It tells the world what you stand for while attracting prospects who can be converted into customers.

Finding your brand's voice is extremely important.

Why It Matters

Social media branding is a way to gain trust which helps your business to acquire more prospects into your sales funnel. And if done right, the remaining steps in the sales process will be more effective. So start right from brand exposure to prospects and dial in customer retention. You'll be on track on building a better business with a firmer customer bond.

Everything you do from talking, posting, responding, writing, launching and connecting with others, you are making use of your brand voice. Whether you realize it or not, people who view, see, listen or read about this voice are building up an impression on your reputation as a business.

Standing Out

It's a good idea to focus on building your reputation. However, with the increasing number of competition, it is also important to focus on how you can stand out from the rest of them. Otherwise, your business will be just like a commodity – blending in rather than rising above.


So how do you really promote your brand to capture attention? Take a look at a few tips below:

Choose the right network

It is better to have one effective campaign than to have 3 mediocre ones. This being said, you have to assess and evaluate where your strongest point is. For example, if your business is with steel production, then Tumblr isn’t the best option for you since the primary demographic of Tumblr are teens. Perhaps LinkedIn is a better choice since it’s a B2B network that appeals to business owners.

Enhance your Voice

In every post that you share, make sure it reflects what you stand for. What is your objective or goal? Define your brand personality. How you want people to describe you? What adjective/s would you prefer to stick it people’s mind when your brand comes up – funny, bold, trustworthy, conventional, intense, easy, inviting and many more. Doing this gives a clear picture of what you are as a business.

Finding your brand's voice can sometimes take a while. So one technique you can use is to imagine this. If your business was a celebrity, who could it be? When you answer this then, you can associate certain personalities along with it. For example, you will say Adam Sandler or Dwayne Johnson. In other words humorous, warm and at the same tough. Deciding on how you want people to see you is important because this is the image that will give an impression especially to potential clients who haven't gotten to know you yet.

Consider three things when finding your Brand voice:

  1. Company Culture – this defines what your company stands for. For example, Under Armor is a company that is all about performing to the highest level. So using hashtags like #IWILL when posting in social media is showing how the company’s social media voice is a direct reflection of its culture.
  2. Audience – speak in a way that your target audience can connect. For example, if you are addressing teens, perhaps it would be better to use a certain lingo that is popular among teens. Knowing your audience will also help avoid jargon. #yolo
  3. Authenticity - honesty is the number one trait consumers want from brands on social. Remember that trying to be someone you’re not could backfire anytime.

Consistency is Important

Provide a constant flow of social media posts that aren’t self-promotional. Sharing is caring. But you should have a guideline on what you share so as not to lose the spotlight. For example, Monster.com constantly tweets articles about employee satisfaction, career advice, and workplace culture. All of these are directly related to its brand and what it stands for. As a result, Monster’s brand became a reliable go-to for people’s interest in career searching.

One technique for this is to schedule out your social posts. This allows you to have a cohesive flow of content across multiple social media channels. This way, you can eliminate jumbled ideas.

Listen and Respond

Don't be one of those “talks more than they listen” brands. Engaging is always better. So take the time to listen to what your customers think of you and respond to show that you care about their voice too.

2018 Best Brand Award was given to Nike. If you take a look at their social media branding for 2018, it has spiked so high because they have an excellent strategy. They made a bold move featuring Colin Kaepernick after the national controversy with the NFL and inserted social responsibility which is part of their authentic company culture.

If you fully understand your brand, coming up with a strategy to stand out is not far behind. What helped you decide your brand's voice? Let us know in the comments!

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