Facebook Ads for Chiropractic Offices

By Tim Burd - October 15, 2019 3682 Views
By Tim Burd - October 15, 2019 3683 Views

4 tips for Successful Chiropractic Facebook Ads 

As a chiropractic office, it can often be difficult to get consumers to focus on your Facebook ads.  This is not related to the quality of your service, but the fact that there are a lot of distractions competing for their attention.

Luckily, there are specific Facebook ads that can help ensure a steady flow of new patients. We are going to discuss 4 major ad strategies that can generate new customers, and increase revenue for your chiropractic practice.

Lead Ads

As I am sure you already know,  the number of mobile users is growing every day, and their patience is getting worse. Nowadays, if someone clicks on your call-to-action, they are going to expect a quick and easy next step.  Facebook is definitely our friend when it comes to this aspect.

Facebook Lead Ads are mobile-friendly by default, and have design aspects to make the sign-up process as simple as possible.  Subscribing to your newsletter, signing up for a health assessment or free consultations, all of these things are simplified using Facebook Lead Ads.

Now here is the best part, once your user clicks your CTA button, they will be given a simple form to collect all of their necessary data.  Facebook automatically fills in the required fields with data from their profile. Name, address, etc. will all be entered automatically, the user just needs to click ‘submit’, and BINGO, there you have a brand new lead.

Down the road, use this same info you collected to create a Custom Audience or a Lookalike Audience to improve your retargeting.

Video Ads

In the modern Facebook landscape, video ads reign supreme, and for obvious reasons!  Video ads get at least 59% more engagement than other types of posts.

A large portion of your target audience may not even know what a chiropractor does or how important their work is.  Facebook video ads are an easy opportunity for you to keep them informed and give a clear explanation.

Create a short video explaining your service, or the actual health benefits of coming to your office.  This will show them how you look and how you talk, which is much better than a wall of text for showing off your brand personality.

Carousel Ads

If you understand the benefit of a single image ad, then you are going to love carousel ads.  They are much more interesting and engaging and allow you to show multiple cards all in the same ad.

This format allows you to share up to 10 images in a slideshow, showcasing the full range of products or services you provide.  If some of these images are getting clicked more than others, Facebook will let you know, allowing you to dial in on the images that are actually working, and getting rid of the ones that no one is interested in.

Facebook Offer Ads

Who doesn’t love getting a good deal?  Coupon hunters are very much still a thing, and they can most definitely be found on Facebook.

Offer Ads allow you to promote a product or service and lets any viewers save, react, comment, and even share the ad.  Once they have saved it, they will get reminders through Facebook to redeem the coupon.

In-store Only:  This is where the customer needs to present the offer inside your physical store.  They can either print the offer or show it on their phone. Customers obtain a unique barcode or QR code.

Online Only:  This offer must be redeemed online, either through your website, or platform of your choice.  The customer will be given a discount code and sent immediately to your website to redeem it.

You can also offer a combination of the 2 offers mentioned above.  The user can choose to either redeem online or in person, whichever best fits your personal needs!

Once someone signs up through your offer, it gets posted to their Facebook wall as a status update.  This gives your offer the potential for organic reach to their friends and family.

Get Started with Chiropractic Ads

By now, you should have a great starting point in running a non-standard campaign on Facebook for your chiropractic office.  You can dial in on a crowd that is most likely to convert.  Next, figure out which ads are working. and even grow your reach organically once customers click through your offers!


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