Facebook And Email Marketing, A Dynamic Duo

By Tim Burd - March 4, 2019 2610 Views
By Tim Burd - March 4, 2019 2611 Views

Combining Ads And Email Marketing Makes A Dynamic Duo

When paired together, social media advertising and email marketing can be an unstoppable duo. But, there are right and wrong ways to integrate these two marketing methods. When done correctly, you’ll spread brand awareness, increase customer engagement and boost your sales. Here’s how to combine these two methods to maximize results.

We know you have a lot on your plate. But combining your ads with email marketing will be worth it.


The Extra Push

Here’s what we know. We know that advertising on social media is extremely successful. It allows businesses to gather top-of-funnel engagement and drive traffic to your website. We know that email marketing has amazing reach, if you have a solid email list. You’re already crushing it with your Facebook ads and paid social media marketing. So, combining that effort with email marketing will create an offer that customers can’t say no to.

Using email marketing automation and campaigns on a platform such as Mailchimp directs customers to your social pages. Consistency with emails helps you grow your fanbase on social media while collecting important data in the meantime. Most email marketing platforms provide extremely effective data such as open rates, clickthrough, sales, and how much an individual campaign has earned.

Customer LTV

Being so focused on doing everything to reach new audiences, it’s easy to forget how valuable your existing customers are. Your current customers already know and love your product and are likely to purchase from you again. In addition, your current customer database can help better target customers across channels.

Running lead ads to grow your email list will allow better follow-up in the future. Since they saw your ad and provided you with their contact information, they’ll be familiar with your brand when they receive your email. Working on building your customer list? Run a giveaway or contest on Facebook asking for emails in order to enter. Contests are a powerful form of lead gen.


We know that we can retarget our customers on Facebook who have interacted with our ads in the past. But let’s bring this full-circle. What about running retargeting ads based off the data collected from your email campaigns? You can pull reports and analyze your current customers and then create lookalike audiences based off of their behavior. This allows you to make sure you are targeting the right people and are getting the lowest cost per click possible.

Create A High-Converting Email Marketing Funnel

Ambiguity kills conversions. When coming up with your email copy, be crystal clear. Clearing up your email copy is one of the surest ways for customers to decide if your product or service is right for them. Doing so will send them right down your funnel and increase conversions.

Testing, Testing

Finally, test what is working for your customers. Track and tweak your email campaigns to optimize conversions for your specific audience.


Happy Hunting!

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