Facebook Update: Attention Retailers

By Tim Burd - March 27, 2018 3078 Views
By Tim Burd - March 27, 2018 3079 Views

Facebook announced an update that will impact retailers around the globe.  When you think of retail you do not realize the impact your mobile device has on getting you to purchase a product. You use your device for researching products, comparing prices, and eventually making purchases.  If you have a retail store, continue reading to see how you can leverage these new mobile ad features to generate sales.


If you are advertising on Facebook you are probably aware of custom audiences for offline conversions.  This custom audience feature helps re-engage in-store customers with Facebook ads. The new store sales optimization leverages machine learning to help retailers show ads to an audience likely to spend money in their store even if they are not existing customers.  

Users will also have the chance to interact with personalized Collection Ads.  The new improvement is called “Tabs for Canvas”. Think of this new feature as a personalized catalog only on your phone!  Your viewer will be taken to a full-screen mobile ad experience with a personalized catalog organized according to their interests.


Say what?  My ads will actually be customized depending on who is viewing it?  Bingo! Facebook states, “ Tabs for Canvas are curated using the same product recommendations engine that powers dynamic ads today. This enables us to show shoppers the parts of a catalog most relevant to them, both within news feed and in the fullscreen experience, based on their changing interests and shopping behavior.”

The numbers don’t lie: Sephora ran a campaign using tabs for canvas last holiday season.  They saw a 32% increase in higher return on ad spend using tabs for canvas.  

Reach Your Target Audience Early

If you want your retail ads to be successful you not only have to get in front of the right audience, but you have to do it at the right time!  You want to reach your customer early in their shopping experience. Doing so will hook them and increase your customer LTV.

Facebook has added categories for dynamic ads to help retailers reach audiences early in the shopping journey.  Retailers can now serve audiences ads from a specific category, for example, furniture.

Dynamic ad categories help expand your campaign reach.  It also improves customer acquisition as well. Facebook states these updates look to “introduce categories of relevant products to shoppers even if they haven’t browsed for specific products yet.”

To see the update in its entirety click here

As a retailer, you may tend to overlook advertising digitally.  With all the powerful tools and retargeting Facebook has available it seems crazy to not advertise on the platform!  With a little commitment, you can make your advertising budget go a long way!  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Are you advertising via Facebook for your retail store?  We want to hear what you think of these updates! Comment below and let us know.

Happy Hunting!  

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