Improve Engagement Using Instagram Questions

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Instagram Questions
Instagram Questions

Get Improved Engagement Using These Instagram Questions Tricks

A little over a year ago, Instagram released a new feature called the Question Sticker.  It’s a creative way to start conversations with your friends and followers.  Questions can be submitted to you, giving you a chance to answer them and engage with your audience.

Questions can range from serious questions about your business or product to lighter Q&A sessions that show your brand personality. Today, we are going to show you some ways to maximize your potential while using the Instagram Questions feature.  Instagram is arguably the site most intended for user engagement, so you should be leveraging every single tool that you have at your disposal.

Instagram Questions


Instagram Questions

First things first, it’s important to remember that people are on Instagram for entertainment.  Your followers do not want to be bombarded with difficult questions or quizzes. Know your audience, and don’t overdo it.  

It is important to consider the types of questions you will ask your audience.  This will take some trial and error to figure out your unique audience personality.  As a general rule, we suggest you keep your questions light and fun so users will want to engage with you.

Below, we are going to give a few suggestions on where to start.  It is important to be creative and think outside the box! No two brands are the same, so every audience will respond differently to your questions.


Question and Answer sessions

If you follow any famous celebrities or influencers, you have probably seen them run a Q&A session.  This is typically a fun and casual way to engage with your followers in a setting that feels natural.

Answering questions that your followers ask helps show your brand personality, and helps create stronger relationships, and gives you insight into what your audience is actually curious about.

Pop Quizzes 

Using a simple fill-in-the-blank format, post a question, or a series of questions to get feedback from your followers.  Ask them what they want to see more or less of, and adjust your questions accordingly. This can help you and your team think up ways to generate content, and it makes sure your viewers feel like their opinion is valuable to you and your brand.

Ask what your viewers want to be quizzed about next to take the guesswork out, and generate content that is relevant and guaranteed to get a good response.

Ask about your product or service

Once you release a new product or service to the public, it can be tricky to understand how well it was received.  Instagram Questions are the perfect answer.

Post a simple question, “How do you like ______?” and see how your community responds.  You can even post the answers you receive to show off a funny or particularly flattering response, showing quality as well as a sense of humor. Make sure you don’t overdo this, as it can often come across as too self-promoting, and no one wants that on their Instagram feed.

You can also run a giveaway using the answers you've received. Ask for feedback on products, or just fun questions and then pick a winner for a discount or free product.

Have some fun!

Lastly, and arguably the most important, is to make sure you and your users are having fun.  Then use the answers to promote your product, increase engagement, and boost your sales.  The options are endless!

This will create an environment that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch and gets fun engagement from your community.  When you respond to their questions, your users feel like they have a voice and are heard.


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