Increase Your CTR Using Conversational Ads

By Tim Burd - September 22, 2019 2015 Views
By Tim Burd - September 22, 2019 2016 Views

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate Using Facebook Conversational Ads

As a marketer, click-through rates (CTR) for your ads are a crucial component that can be a hassle to improve.

Facebook is releasing two new ad types to try and combat that issue.  The new sponsored messages and click-to-messenger ads are what we call ‘conversational’. They are designed around customer engagement,  focusing on content that is relevant to the specific needs of the customer.  Facebook Messenger has very in-depth messaging solutions, and these ads take full advantage of this.  

When combined with chatbot interactions, or even on their own, the end result will be better engagement from users, improved click-through rates, and overall improved ROI for your campaigns.

Click-to-Messenger Ads

Anyone who follows the Facebook page for your brand is available as an entry point for Click-to-Messenger ads.  These ads can use chatbots to ask questions and drive customers towards engagement or automatically ask questions on a recurring basis. This will be particularly beneficial for taking the focus of the user to other places outside of Facebook. Outlets such as informational videos or email sign-ups are just a couple of basic ideas.  

Click-to-Messenger ads are a great way to improve the way you currently create forms for customers. Such as satisfaction forms, sign-ups for email newsletters, product finders, incentivizing a sale, and so much more.

Sponsored Messages

Now, on to Sponsored Messages. These are meant to be somewhat of a reminder, or a gentle nudge for users.  It will select only the users who have already connected to you or your Page on Messenger.

If you have asked certain questions regarding your product or service or included certain CTA’s, you can filter through your contact list to select these specific subgroups, and target this audience for better results.


By now you are surely dying to try out these new ads, and you should be!  They can be activated by using the Facebook Ad Manager.  

Once inside, create the ad in a similar fashion to any other Facebook Ad you have created, find the Consideration column of the Marketing Objective Table, and select Messages. From here, create a campaign name and submit it.  Next step shows a Message Destination, as well as an audience selector.  The Message Destination will show both Click-to-Messenger ads and Sponsored Messages as available options.

Make sure you define your audience according to your campaign!

In Closing

A common theme between these two ads and the theme of many other moves made by Facebook is relevancy.  Facebook is trying to improve the relevancy of all ad campaigns on their platforms.

This is a key factor in increasing your click-throughs, and the overall success of your campaigns. The way the ad is received is also important to understand.  Facebook ads can get very specific, and that is for good reason. Users are more likely to ignore a generic message.

Targeting using Messenger ads can be spot on.


Making sure you know the target audience is equally as important.  Make sure your ads are not directed towards the entire community or even the entire household for that matter.  Focus on the individual and how you can interact with them in a relevant fashion. Conversational ads will cut through some of the informational noise on Facebook by bypassing their Newsfeed and going directly to the customers via Messenger.  

These conversational ads will make sure your messages are only targeting specific members of your community who are connected to you through Messenger and help direct them towards taking certain actions.

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