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AdLeaks TV Episode 10: TikTok Ads, Marketing Tools & More

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adleaks tv episode 10
adleaks tv episode 10

Hi folks, I'm Luke Kostka and this is AdLeaks TV Episode 10.

We're going to show you some of the top AdLeaks posts from May 13th to May 19th and highlight some pointers you can use for your ad campaigns.

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Tik Tok Ad Creators’ Studio

First up is a video from Savannah Sanchez on TikTok’s Ad Creator Studio.

The platform is still in beta, but Savannah got early access, and she shows you how TikTok is making it easy to connect with influencers for ads in this 15-minute video.

“It’s a really great way to source influencers, not only for TikTok ads, but it's a great platform in order to find influencers for products to create ad content for your ads across Facebook, Snapchat, all the different platforms that you advertise on.

“So you can do a lot of cool, different targeting features in here. I can say I just want US influencers, and I can even break it down to by different states. They also do it by different topics…”

Interest in TikTok ads has been heating up, and this video is a great starting point if you’re looking to go that direction. Thanks Savannah.

Marketing Tools

Speaking of marketing tools, there were some great posts on tools in AdLeaks this week that can really give your ads and stores a boost.


The first is a Shopify tool called Size.link, which lets your Shopify users visualize your products in their own space. This is really a cool option for eComm sellers, so be sure to check that out.

Second, if you’re looking for a tool to improve your ad performance, check out this collaboration that Tim Burd and Revealbot put together.

Surfing with Revealbot

One of Tim’s top strategies for Facebook Ads, the Surfing Strategy, is now available as an automated rule in Revealbot.

If you’re using Revealbot, this rule will increase your budget automatically if your ROAS is higher than three.

And if your profitable ROAS is lower, you can adjust it to stay around 150-200% profit.

This is some next-level stuff, you guys. Check out Revealbot if you haven’t already, and there’s a lot more of Tim’s tips in AdLeaks’ units section.


Our third and final tool this week comes from the AdLeaks Platinum discussion board. If you’re looking for a useful solution for comment moderation across platforms, check out Gorgias.

Gorgias is an AdLeaks partner and an eCommerce helpdesk that can help with customer service and lots more.

For comment moderation, Gorgias pulls all of your Facebook comments and emails for easy access in one place. It’s also a full-ticket system with tons of automation options.

We highly, highly recommend working with them if you’re in eCommerce or if you’re looking to upgrade your company’s online support.

Throwback Post of the Week | AdLeaks TV Episode 10

This post is from AdLeaks’ own Justin Brenner, who lots of you have probably seen on the discussion boards.

Back in January, Justin made a great tutorial for protecting your Facebook Business Manager and personal profile if you’re running ads for clients.

He, and a lot of us, have run into trouble with Facebook security in the past. This is a really important video to watch on safeguards that all digital buyers should put in place.

Protecting Facebook Business Manager & Personal Accounts

“...After talking to multiple reps, living through some ad account shutdowns, and really thinking about how I can fully safeguard myself and everyone that is in my world, these are things that I put together…

"Go to security, there's going to be a section there on your mobile phone, but it's going to save your identity confirmation. So once you get this confirmed, your identity section, there's going to be three things you're going to have to do.

“Number one, turn on your Two-Factor [authentication]. Then you're going to have to put in your address. And it's going to mail you a letter that will give you a code to input once you get the letter. So you’ll have to come back and do that stuff later. The next step is actually you're going to take a picture front and back of your personal ID. After that, you're going to have to answer a set of security questions…”

This video’s about 10 minutes, so definitely check that out.

Wrapping Up AdLeaks Episode 10

That’s it for AdLeaks TV Episode 10! Thanks for watching, we really appreciate it.

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I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks for watching AdLeaks TV.

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