AdLeaks TV Episode 13: Covid Ad Credits, Testing Video + More

By Kyle Cavaness - July 6, 2020 1148 Views
adleaks tv episode 13
By Kyle Cavaness - July 6, 2020 1149 Views

Hi everybody, I’m Luke Kostka, and welcome to AdLeaks TV Episode 13.

Today we’re bringing you a few of the most-viewed and talked about posts on AdLeaks from June 3rd through the 9th.


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Let’s get started!

Testing Video Creative

Our first video this week is from Maxwell Finn, who explains his team’s method for testing video creative to improve ad performance.

Max and his team use ad tagging and an intense development process to make good ads into great ads at scale. Check it out:

“So here’s an example of a thumbnail. We test a lot of images for these. We tested dozens and dozens and dozens of images and we found, hey, these images started working really, really well.

“Images that show Joe Rogan and other influencers working out were active with the product and with a quote from them. This format just works really well for image ads for these brands. So we said, okay, we have videos that we’re pretty well and we have these really, really good images we know perform great. Let’s throw that on top. And now we have kind of two for one.”

Scroll Stoppers & Modular Elements

“Now, this goes into a great video. And we also know is there is a little scroll stopper, combining a strong thumbnail with a quick scroll stopper. And that scroll stopper is Rogen doing, you know, a crazy workout. So, look, that’s like in your feed. Just the face of Rogen coming in there stops people, right? It’s not just a boring shot.

“The video goes on, and we’re not seeing any one shot too long. We have people talking about the product. There’s lifestyle shots, information. We have testimonials. Active shots. We’re going back and forth between all of these elements. We’re cycling and other influencers, other celebrities. Talking about the science. We have humor. Each part of this video has a purpose.

“What’s also cool about the way we started setting up a lot of these videos is that they’re modular. It’s not a single entity. It’s like Legos — there are pieces. And we can swap pieces. And now so for the front, hey, we have a video that works really well … They want to test different exits, different clothes, difficult actions. We can do this really easily because the video is these little pieces, right?”

The whole video is under 15 minutes and there’s plenty of good info in there, so check that out. And thanks Max.

Chatbot Flows from Common Buyer Questions

Alright, we also have a quick clip from Rutger Thole for you this week.

He shared a great trick for using common buyer questions to create chatbot flows for customer service.

The clip is less than two minutes, so let’s just show you the whole thing.

“If somebody hits your website and they have a specific intent to make a purchase, but they have a question, you need to understand what those types of questions are. How can you find those questions?

“Google Analytics, your customer service team, but also the search bar on your website. If you have an actual search bar on your website, you should be able to extract the data from that search bar.

“Now, use that information that other people actually putting in into the search area Web site for overall optimization of after shopping experience. And that is how you can actually create relevant experiences without sort of going all fancy with all kinds of tools … So start with those. Start talking to your customer service team.

“And if you’re doing it yourself, make a list of the top 10 questions that you’re answering day in, day out. Those questions can often be answered automatically, whether it’s 100 percent by the box or maybe with a buffer in between, and then you come in.

I… have nothing to add to that. Thanks Rutger.

Alright, here’s a segment we introduced last week — let’s find out What’s New Now.

AdLeaks TV Episode 13: What’s New Now?

This week, what’s new is Google Ads credits for COVID-19.

A few of our members and their clients started receiving the ad credits that Google announced in March in their accounts last week.

The notice Google sent out says that the credits can be used toward future ad spend this year and will expire at the end of 2020.

So if you’re running ads and you’ve been affected by COVID — and who hasn’t at this point? — check your account to see if you’ve received credits yet.

Alright, that takes us to the Throwback Post of the Week! Let’s do it.

AdLeaks TV Episode 13: Throwback Post of the Week

This week’s throwback post is a collection of tips and ad automation tricks from Revealbot, one of our partners.

They’ve got a great system for automating social ad rules to maximize your budget and scale your campaigns.

This particular post has tips for using Facebook Insights, hacking social proof, an A/B testing framework, and a bunch of other nuggets. If you’re running Facebook Ads, you’re gonna love this, so go check it out.

And that’s it for AdLeaks TV Episode 13! Thanks for watching for and sticking around, we really appreciate it.

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I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 13.

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