Back to Basics: Messenger Chatbots

By Tim Burd - September 4, 2019 1476 Views
Facebook Messenger ChatBots
By Tim Burd - September 4, 2019 1477 Views

How To Get Amazing Results With Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot


Most of us these days have had some interaction with chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Whether you’ve chatted with one or have attempted to set one up yourself, we’re here to help you learn more about them. 

Let’s dive into revealing how you can improve your existing chatbots, and even show you how they can replace other, more expensive Facebook ad campaigns.

What Are Chatbots?

Facebook Messenger chatbots have been available since their launch in 2016. They are one of the fastest-growing and most effective ways to connect with your customers.

ChatBot Example

Basically,  a chatbot is a  piece of software that automatically talks to customers for you.  Sounds high tech right? They may sound like something from the future, but they are here right now, and their benefits are huge.

Imagine how helpful it would be to automate some of the more tedious parts of an ad campaign.  Things like customer care, generating leads, engaging with your followers, and answering questions about your product can all be done with a chatbot.

Why You Should Consider Chatbots

Every month, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger.  Combine this with the insane open rate of Facebook Messages, upwards of 70%, and you can easily see the monstrous potential that a chatbot could bring to your business. 

How to Use Your Chatbot Effectively

Replace Your Email Drip Campaign with a Messenger Drip

After seeing how high the open rate is on Facebook Messenger, you may have a rough time going back to Email drips for your campaigns.

Generous metrics put email open rates between 5-10%, (although 3%, is more realistic).  You can lead a prospect through your entire campaign in a single sitting with a chatbot, as opposed to days or weeks with email.  

One tip we like to give right off the bat is to offer a welcome message and a Call To Action to any users who subscribe to your Page.

The very next day,  send another helpful tip and nudge them to watch a short video or click to read more.

Replace traditional Facebook ads

As you have probably noticed, traditional Facebook ads can be expensive.  Paying $50 per lead can seem expensive, let alone $150+.

You can replace these expensive ads with much more affordable Click to Messenger ads.  These often have a $2-$6 Cost Per Action!

If you set your CTA to ‘send a message’ to your page, the potential customer will get invited to join your contact list.  They will remain a contact forever unless they take action to unsubscribe.

As soon as they are in your contact list, they’re available for messages from you or your chatbot.  It’s a great way to grow your audience and increase interaction with customers.

Put a Messenger widget on your website

Something as simple as adding a Messenger widget with a WordPress plugin can instantly turn your ‘meh’ website into a lead generating machine!

Facebook Chatbot Widget

Most of these widgets will live in one of the bottom corners of your website.  If users are logged in to Facebook or Messenger, the widget will greet them by name and invite them to send a message.

One of the reasons we love this is because it allows other access points for potential customers to join your Messenger contacts.

A lot of advertisers and businesses run into the problem of a small contact list, resulting in a lower reach.  Using a Messenger plug-in for your website can turn normal traffic into new contact leads.

Last words…

By now, we hope that you’re ready to start setting up your chatbots or using these tips and tricks to improve your existing ones.

Facebook Messenger offers insanely high open rates.  If used correctly, you can reach larger audiences and engage with them more often than you would have ever thought.

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