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Facebook Changes: Housing, Employment, and Credit Ads

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Facebook Changes
Facebook Changes

A few months ago, Facebook reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As a result of the settlement, Facebook was required to make several changes to multiple ad categories. These changes are meant to prevent targeting discrimination. Some categories are for ads that offer housing, employment, and credit opportunities. They announced these changes after the settlement so advertisers had time to prepare. These categories now require advertisers to use the new process. Here is what you need to know about these Facebook changes.

Special Ad Categories

The categories mentioned above are considered Special Ad Categories. This means that these categories have limited, restricted targeting options in Ads Manager. If you're wanting to run ads in these specific categories, you will now be required to select the corresponding category in Special Ad Categories. If you don't, your ad won't be approved. Facebook also stated they plan to extend enforcement to all other ad-buying systems this year.

These ads will not allow targeting by zip code, age, gender, multicultural affinity, and more. Any other additional options that describe or appear related to these categories will not be allowed.

Facebook Changes
This is what this option looks like in Ads Manager.

Lookalike Audiences

If you are using one of these Special Ad Categories, you will no longer have access to Lookalike Audiences. Instead, you will be able to create a Special Ad Audience. These groups are based on trends in online behavior without considering age, ZIP code, gender, etc. You will be able to narrow down the location, but not by ZIP. In addition, these audiences must include all ages between 18-65+ and include all genders too.

Looking Forward

In conclusion, Facebook is cracking down on ad targeting. They said discrimination has no place on their platform. These changes to targeting are the first of many to roll out in 2019. Additionally, they are requiring all advertisers to certify and accept their non-discrimination policy. Everyone must do this regardless of your ad category. Knowing this, what do you think of this change? Does it affect your strategies? This change will undoubtedly affect a lot of advertisers. Comment on our post and let us know.

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