Facebook Introduces Augmented Reality Ads In The News Feed

By Tim Burd - August 6, 2018 5684 Views
Coming Soon: AR Ads In Facebooks News Feed
By Tim Burd - August 6, 2018 5685 Views

Facebook is giving advertisers a way to get creative with video ad innovations. They announced that they will be testing (AR) augmented reality ads in News Feed. The AR ads appear the same as any other ad on a News Feed, but AR ads include a new option in the photo “tap to try on”.

The new option grants Facebook access to your camera giving you the ability to see how the item would look on you. In a market that has been previously dominated by Snap Chat, Facebook introducing augmented reality ads shows they are taking steps toward achieving their goal of dominating the format. Facebook made this goal known when CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that it was testing ways to implement the tech.

Testing 123

At this point, Facebook has only tested AR ads with Michael Kors. Using AR effects Michael Kors created an experience that allows you to try on a pair of sunglasses. Facebook plans to continue to test AR ads throughout the summer with brands like Sephora, NYX professional Makeup, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and several others.

One Step Further

In May Facebook introduced a new version of its AR studio, a software which makes ready to use 3D, virtual reality, and AR animations. The new version of AR studio was set up to make designing complicated AR experiences easier for the average person. The new easier to use version, of AR studio, will be compatible with Messenger and Instagram.

Augmented reality ads have huge selling potential. It does not require future customers to invest in expensive technology like virtual reality currently does. AR ads are dynamic and engaging ads, which is a great way to reel in or capture the attention of a person.  

Facebook’s decision to add AR to their ads should make the platform even more effective and competitive. With AR becoming more popular in Facebook advertising, start thinking about incorporating it into your business. Use the new version of AR studio, get creative, be experimental, and have fun.

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