Jumpstart Your Holiday Advertising

By Tim Burd - October 11, 2018 3121 Views
By Tim Burd - October 11, 2018 3122 Views

Holiday Strategies

The time is here to jumpstart your advertising! The holidays have major effects on Facebook advertising, and as marketers being prepared and implementing strategies beforehand gives you an advantage. 

Competition for ads is at its peak during the holidays as ad space is limited and spots can be as good as gold. Not only are you competing with big brands but also thousands of small advertisers that want a piece of the pie. 

Join the holiday season gold rush! Prepare NOW

Invest Early and Often

Creating relationships with your audiences early is important and will have a positive impact on potential customers. Highlight and choose campaigns with good performance and start scaling early. Investing will pay off in the long run especially as advertising cost with only keep rising.

Warmer Targeting

Ad targeting can be broken down into separate categories: warm and cold. Cold targeting the audience has no relationship to your business or brand, individuals have never viewed or engaged with any of your content. Warm audience targeting will produce better ROI because the users have pre-existing relationships and have engaged in your content.

Online Shopping is Heating Up!
  •      Facebook page sales
  •      Event attendees
  •      Website visitors
  •      Lead form, video or canvas ad viewers

These examples of audiences are all considered warm leads by Facebook. Go after the low fruit! Refresh your memory by reading our retargeting article.

3 Strategies For the Holidays

  • Retarget your website visitors. It is common that visitors may not make a purchase on their first second or even third visit. It’s a no-brainer that you should be retargeting this audience. 
  • Create relevant and creative holiday content. Use keywords, videos, animated GIFS, and images will capture the attention of the audience. 
  • Cater to mobile. With the majority of people using mobile create content that is optimized for it. Read some holiday tips from Shopify.

The Holidays will be here before you know it. Being prepared is the best way to take advantage of the opportunities that come along with this time of year. Get started early, work smarter, and have fun with creating holiday content. Share your thoughts on holiday advertising and ways to be successful!

Happy Hunting!

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