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Re-Targeting 101 – Always Go for the Low Hanging Fruit First!

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re targeting 101
re targeting 101

So many people get caught up in targeting new audiences that oftentimes they forget about the people already primed for the picking.

In other words, they look past the low-hanging fruit and attempt to harvest what is oftentimes much more difficult to reach. If you’re not actively trying to re-engage and re-target your community then you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

In this article, we will go over the 3 sources you need to tap into first before ever trying to reach a cold audience.

Re-Targeting Audience #1 - Business Page Engagement

If people are engaging with your business page, it is very likely that they’re interested in your company, product, or service. What we recommend doing to re-engage these people is to create a business page custom audience.

You can create audiences for people who visit your page, engage with a post or ad, clicked a call to action, sent a message, and people who might have saved a post for later viewing.

The best part about these audiences is you have the ability to narrow down who you will be reached with your targeting.

For example, say you have a clothing company that sells both men’s and women’s clothing. You can utilize your new audiences to create promotions and then simply narrow that audience to just the men or women. By utilizing these audiences with varying levels of engagement. And adjusting the targeting, it really allows you to dial in your campaigns.

Re-Targeting Audience #2 - Website Traffic

Think about when you visit a website. Do you just look around because you thought it was cool? Or, are you looking at the site because their product/service is interesting to you? Chances are you’re visiting due to the latter.

While targeting website traffic might seem like a pretty obvious answer to reaching the right people, advertisers still overlook these folks even though statistically they’re a much easier sell than someone who has never visited your site.

The chances are, once someone visits your website (and the design is good) they will know about you, and your product/service. And, they will also subconsciously trust you more because you have a solid online presence.

If they don’t initially get all the necessary info from you, well, now they’re in your audience so you can continue that process of educating them on your brand. This is all a part of the brand indoctrination process and it works amazingly well. So, as soon as you are done reading this, go and create an audience with your website traffic and start re-targeting. We recommend creating at least 3 varying levels of interaction.

Audience #3 - Current Customers / E-mail List

It amazes me when I talk to someone who is having issues with their advertising performance only to find out that they never even considered targeting their current customers. Or, better yet, target people who have signed up for their e-mail list.

Let’s recap. These people have already purchased a product/service from you. Or, they have told you that they want more information from you by providing you with their e-mail address.

So, why on earth would you not start here first? Essentially the people in these audiences have already gone through the indoctrination process and are ripe for the picking. These people WANT more information from you, they WANT to buy again.

But, if you’re never to be seen or heard from again what makes you think they will remain a loyal customer? Essentially, these people are future brand advocates and should be treated as such. So, get to it! Reach out to your previous customers and your e-mail list through your campaigns and make sure the conversation continues.

The Bottom Line

By running ads to your existing fan/customer base through the various custom audiences. You should start to see a nice increase in your relevancy scores. And a nice decrease in your cost per acquisition. These audiences listed above are already warm and ready for more. All you have to do now is get in front of them, again.

With that said, instead of just focusing on nailing down the perfect targeting, the perfect copy, or the perfect creative for your cold audiences. Try focusing on what your current fanbase wants to see and dedicate time and energy to re-targeting them.

Now, this is not to say that creating an audience from scratch cannot work. But, for the amount of effort, and the risk that comes along with this, running a campaign to people who are already familiar with your brand is a no-brainer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Create those audiences today and start picking off that low-hanging fruit!

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