Using Quizzes for Facebook Lead Ads

By Tim Burd - January 15, 2019 6431 Views
Learn why you should and how to implement quizzes into your marketing strategy on Facebook.
By Tim Burd - January 15, 2019 6432 Views

Generate Leads with a Quiz

In this article, I am going to explain how adding quizzes to your lead ads on Facebook can benefit your business. While giving you the steps to make the process as simple as possible.

Why Use Quizzes in Facebook Lead Ads


See how to successfully implement quizzes into your campaigns.
Using quizzes for Facebook Lead Ads is a great way to generate engagement with your audience.


Using quizzes for Facebook lead ads has multiple advantages:

Short and sweet: Quizzes are user-friendly and do not ask for much information. Therefore, making them a perfect fit for mobile devices.

Underutilized and unpopular marketing tactic: Competition in the space is low. As a result, sharing a quiz is a perfect opportunity to give your audience something fun and new.

Highly interactive: Audiences will actively engage with your content. Instead of just quickly going through it.

How to Add Quizzes to Your Facebook Lead Ads

#1 Set up Facebook Lead Generation Campaign:

More on Facebook Lead Ads here.

#2 Create the Lead Form for your Quiz:

Promoting Facebook quizzes for Lead ads is slightly different from other Facebook ad types. The main difference is that you complete the form with your questions directly from Facebook.

Click the New Form Button and select the type of form you want to use. More Volume or High Intent are your options, so choose the type the best fits your goals.


Take full advantage of Facebooks tools for lead generation.
With that said, More Volume form type generates quick and easy forms for mobile devices. Therefore, is more commonly used.


Create the introduction. Type a headline, select an image, and choose a layout. Next, add your questions. Start by selecting the information you are looking to gather from your leads.


Use this information to make necessary changes to benefit your business in the future.
Collecting names and email addresses is always recommended so you can use the information gathered in future campaigns.


Select the type of question you want to add and follow that by filling in your questions and answer options.


Use Quizzes for Lead Generation on Facebook. It a simple yet effective tactic.
You can add as many questions as you want. Although, too many questions can be ineffective. Because the length may discourage users from completing the entire quiz.


Finally, create and customize the screen your audience will see when they have completed the quiz. This is a great opportunity to direct them to a landing page. Click finish and you are ready to rock and roll.

The Final Word

Just like everything else this marking tactic takes time. However, if done correctly analyzing lead ad performance will lead to information to optimize your future campaigns. Would you consider using quizzes for your campaigns? If you are currently using them are they working?

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