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Ad Set Start Time Tips - Knowledge Bomb #7

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ad set start time tips
ad set start time tips

Question: When is the best time to start a new ad set?

Answer: Typically, right after midnight for whatever time zone your ad account is on (see side note below). This will allow the ad set to pace evenly throughout the day.

Why Ad Set Start Times Matter

With that said, like most things with Facebook, the answer is not always black and white. There are also occasional advantages to launching your ad set really early in the morning hours. Doing this can help the campaign get a "running start" so to speak. This method will give you a burst of traffic initially, and can also help yield higher CTRs when done properly.

Let’s say your audience isn’t really online around 1:00am. Or, maybe a subset of your audience that does best isn't online around midnight. You may want to try starting your ad sets at 4:00am, 5:00am or even 6-7:00am as opposed to the more common start time of midnight.

Offsetting your start time like this can help your campaigns yield a higher CTR initially than if you were to launch at midnight. Not only because of the audience who is online. But, also because it will push your initial ad spend quicker. Once it hits 8:00am, you’re just about 1/3 through the day and your traffic could cost you approximately 33% more per click, so try avoiding start to late in to the day. For instance, if you start your ad set at noon, there is a good chance your cost may double since Facebook has to rush to spend your budget in half the time.


Starting your ad set after midnight whether it’s new, or one you paused in the past too much is an advanced tactic. If you’re brand new to Facebook Ads please be very careful with this, especially with large budgets. Also, Facebook has an Ad Scheduling feature that will let you set the delivery times on your ads. You have the ability to set begin and end date, and choose the specific hours of delivery.

That’s all for now everyone, happy hunting!

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