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The 388 Method

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388 method
388 method

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Original Publication Date: November 17, 2018

The 388 Method: Getting Started 

People come to me with a lot of questions when they're starting a new ad account.

Questions like:

"How many campaigns should I run?"

"What should my budgets be?"

"How long should I wait before killing an ad set?"

My answer to these questions is a simple formula I developed. This will help you get started with a fresh advertising account.

I use this method for virtually every new ad account I work with. This method is how I start from scratch.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about The 388 Method.

3 Levels of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, as you know, have three levels. There's the campaign level, the ad set level, and lastly, the ad level.

  • The Campaign level is where you choose your campaign objective.
  • The Ad Set level is where you set up your targeting.
  • And the Ad level is where your ad copies/creatives are.

I devised this formula to launch your first campaigns effectively. The structure looks like this:

3 Campaigns
8 Ad Sets (In two campaigns, one or two in the other campaign)
8 Ads Per Set

3 Campaigns

To use the 388 Method, you'll launch three types of campaigns simultaneously:

  1. Conversion campaign (minimum eight ad sets, eight ads per ad set)
  2. Video View campaign (minimum eight ad sets, eight ads per ad set)
  3. PPE campaign (one ad set minimum, eight ads per ad set)

*Note: Each ad set will have four unique ads and four duplicates. All ads will share post IDs.

the 388 method

Pro Tip: You can customize this even further. If you think PPE and video views may not work, try changing the PPE to a brand awareness campaign. Test the waters.

8 Ad Sets

Each campaign in the 388 method has at least eight ad sets with different targeting or audiences. This will also depend on your potential audience size.

If the audience size is low, then you can adjust the number of ad sets accordingly. The idea is to target all possible audiences and mix up your targeting to see what works.

8 Ads Per Ad Set

Finally, you'll need to create eight ads for each ad set.

Four of the ads will be unique (or will use the same ad creative with different text or ad copy). Or you can do the opposite. Use the same ad copy with different images or videos.

The other four will be a duplicate of each unique ad creative.

Make sure to configure your ads in each set to share to the same page post ID. This will ensure you get all the engagements and social proof shared with your ads.

Bidding The 388 Method

You can go with the lowest cost bidding initially.

If you're planning on manual bidding, you should enter a bid of at least 3x your CPA cost.

Your budget should be 8x your bid. And you should spend at least 8x your CPA costs per ad set over 3 days before deciding to kill it.

Again, the 388 method is exactly how I start almost every new ad account I work with.

Happy Hunting!

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