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Connecting a Messenger Chatbot to Your Ads

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Facebook Messenger Ads Tutorial
Facebook Messenger Ads Tutorial

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Original Publication Date: September 11, 2017

In previous articles, we've covered how you can use a Messenger chatbot to:

All those strategies are useless, however, if you don’t have any bot users!

8 Steps to Connect a Messenger Chatbot to Your Ad Campaign

In this tutorial, we’ll be connecting a Messenger chatbot to an ad campaign to drive traffic. We’ll also recommend the best objectives for your budget.

Step #1: Build Your Messenger Chatbot Funnel

Using Chatfuel, design the bot funnel for your campaign.

We’ll keep things super simple and include a product with a native ‘Buy’ button in Messenger.

Messenger Chatbot E-Commerce

Step #2: Choose Your Objective

We prefer using the ‘Traffic’ objective. (But before Facebook optimized the Traffic objective to include Messenger chatbot campaigns, we would’ve advised against it…)

Facebook Chatbot Ads Tutorial

Today, Facebook will reward you with a lower Cost-Per-Action (receiving a new message).

That’s because you’re keeping users on their platform, not redirecting them to your own landing page where Facebook loses advertising opportunities.

The ‘Engagement’ objective is also fun, but more on that later.

Chatbot Engagement Objective

Step #3: Edit Ad Placements

Next, we'll remove unsupported placements for our Messenger destination ad.

Messenger Chatbot Ad Placements

Although Instagram is a supported placement, we suggest unchecking it because it complicates user experience. People scrolling through their Instagram feed don’t want to be redirected to Messenger.

Ironically, though, we also advise against the Messenger placement. This means your ad will appear in Facebook users’ Messenger conversations (not their news feeds).

But, as always, A/B test everything for yourself; don’t take our word for it!

Step #4: Switch to Cost-Per-Click

Under BUDGET & SCHEDULE, switch from ‘Impression’ to ‘Link Click (CPC)’.

Messenger Bot Cost Per Click

Now, instead of getting charged every time someone sees the ad, you’ll only get charged when a user interacts with the Messenger chatbot.

Step #5: Connect Your Page

Confirm the Facebook page you’ve selected to run the ad matches the page your bot is connected to. You'll find this under the CONFIGURE tab in Chatfuel.

Connecting Facebook Page in Chatfuel

Step #6: Design Your Creative

Hopefully your creative is better than ours…

Facebook Messenger Ads Tutorial

Then choose ‘Messenger Setup’ and click ‘Set Up Messages’.

Step #7: Connect Your Bot’s Welcome Message

Now we’re setting up what users who click the CTA button on your ad will see before they can interact with your Messenger chatbot. Facebook uses this technique as a double opt-in.

We use TEXT for the ‘Message Format’ because it offers a very clean call-to-action button.

Messenger Bot JSON Message

Then change the ACTION from ‘Open a website’ to ‘Send a postback,’ and enter…

block name: <block name in Chatufel>
Chatfuel Welcome Message Tutorial

(NOTE: The postback code is case-sensitive!)

Step #8: Preview in Messenger

Let’s test our Messenger chatbot! Click ‘Preview in Messenger App’.

Facebook Messenger Ads

The bot messages us, we click YES, and voilà – we see our prized Messenger fidget spinner!

Facebook Chatbot Ad in Messenger

Finally, submit your Facebook ad for review.

Final Thoughts on Your Messenger Chatbot

It goes without saying that Facebook Ads are the best way to gain new bot subscribers.

In closing, here’s a bonus ninja tip for you: Duplicate the Post ID of the Traffic ad you just submitted, but run it as an Engagement objective after setting up ‘acquire new users from comments’ in Chatfuel.

Now you’ll have a single Facebook ad with two opportunities for users to trigger the CTA. They can either click the 'Send Message' button OR leave a comment and the bot will message them with the discount code.

Auto Respond to Facebook Comments

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