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How to Make the Perfect Influencer Outreach Messages (Templates You Can Steal Right Now)

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How to Make the Perfect Influencer Outreach Messages

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels that’s accessible to businesses with any size budget. With the rise in influencer credibility and the number of influencers in different industries, we’ve hit a point where any brand, big or small, is capable of using influencers to generate a massive revenue boost and social proof in places that were previously inaccessible for most brands.

According to a study done by Linqia, 35% of influencer marketing managers said that their biggest challenge when it came to running influencer campaigns was the time commitment it took to set them up and manage them.


It’s our goal at CloutHQ to save you time and money on your influencer marketing campaigns by streamlining every aspect of the process. Here are some email templates that we have seen outperform all others when it comes to open rates and reply rates from our users.

Quick Tip:

“Content creators say their most important method for vetting brand partnerships is by determining which opportunities are most relevant for their audiences”. This means you need to take a moment to figure out what is relevant to them and craft your messages accordingly.

Step 1: Align Your Vision with Potential Influencers

Yeah, I know. This is everyone’s “First step”. But this one is the most important. Once you know this it will allow you to filter influencers a lot faster instead of reaching out to everyone who fits a half defined criteria. These are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Does your product support a specific cause?
  • Is there a community around that cause or do you need to make one?
  • Are long-term relationships a requirement?
  • Are you willing to pay for placements or do you only want to exchange products?

Step 2: Choose Your Approach Based on How you Answered the Above Questions

If you answered yes to the cause based questions, that’s great. You now have a little more leverage to get lower rates and better placements.

If your product doesn't support a specific cause (other than filling your bank account), you will need to be a little more creative with your approach and make the upside greater for the influencers.

Cause-Based Outreach Template Structure:

  1. Brief Intro About Your Company (1–3 lines tops)
  2. Why You're Reaching Out (1–2 lines tops)
  3. The Pitch (1–2 Lines tops)
  4. Link to site and Instagram
  5. Give them a compliment (Optional)

Example 1:

Hey {NAME},

We’ve created {Cool Product Description} and we’re giving half the profits to charities that are {Supporting Cause}. As a fellow {Cause} Supporter, we thought this might be something you’d be interested in and would love to work with you in any way possible.

Please let us know if you’re interested and keep up the great content.

You can check us out at {Website} or {Instagram}

All the best,

{Your Name}

Example 2:

Hi {Name},

I found your profile while browsing through a list of the top influencers who support {Cause}. Our company has been passionate about {Cause} and support the efforts by {insert how you support the cause} regularly. To date we have {insert cool milestones or donation numbers}.

We would love to have your support and wanted to inquire about sponsored placements on your profile. Do you have standard rates for brand placements?

More About us: {Website} & {Instagram}

All the best,


General Outreach Messages:

  1. Keep it short and sweet
  2. Include all essential info
  3. Link to website and Instagram
  4. Ask for rates

Example 1:

Hi {Name},

I found your profile while browsing the top influencers in {their industry} and was wondering if you would be interested in sharing our {Short & Sweet product description} with your followers?

We can set you up with a flat rate payment or as an affiliate.

More about us: {Website} & {Instagram}

Do you have standard rates for this?

All the best,


Example 2:

Hey {Name},

We would love to sponsor some of the posts on your profile. Is this something you offer?

We are {Short & Sweet company description} and would love to share it with your fans.

More about us: {Website} & {Instagram}

All the best,


Subject Lines For Your Outreach:

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of your outreach. After all, you can spend all the time in the world crafting the perfect message. But if they don’t get opened, you may as well have not sent them in the first place.

To see the 10 Best Influencer Outreach Subject Lines, check out:

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