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Back to the Basics – Understanding the Facebook Pixel Part #3

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Facebook Pixel Basics
Facebook Pixel Basics

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you enjoyed Part #2 of our Facebook Pixel Series.

Now that you have created your standard events and custom conversions, you’re ready to start putting systems in place to both track and optimize your campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

The visibility gained by having conversion tracking in place will allow you to build up a robust tracking system and give you insights into your campaign that will really help you target the right people, with the right offer, at just the right time.

The best part, once you have the custom conversions and events all setup, all you need to do is tell Facebook which event you would like to optimize your campaign for and you’re ready to go!

Facebook Pixel

Now, some of the objectives will not automatically show you your custom conversion/events in the ads manager dashboard. So, make sure you customize your columns in your ad reports and select the appropriate custom conversion/event.

Facebook Pixel

Once you have updated the columns you will now be able to see each individual conversion/event even if you’re not optimizing your particular campaign for that item.

For example: Let’s say you are optimizing a campaign for purchases. Even though the purchase metric is the most important piece of data for this campaign, it would be extremely helpful to be able to see who might have registered for your newsletter or possibly read a relevant blog.

So, be sure to select “track all conversions” when creating your ad, and also be sure you have customized your columns so get the visibility needed to further leverage the information obtained from your purchase campaign.

Conversion Optimization

When running a conversion campaign you need these custom conversions and events in place.

Without these conversions in place, you will not be able to optimize your campaigns for a particular action. And, you’ll be stuck using the basic events offered by Facebook such as: website traffic, video views, and or page post engagement to track what is happening during your campaign. Not having this information would be like going on a road trip with a blindfold on…

Facebook Pixel

The best part about having these custom conversion/events set up is that Facebook can now use this information to help establish which types of people will most likely interact with your advertisement. And furthermore, optimize your campaigns so that the people seeing it will not only be more likely to relate to the ad, but also much more likely to take action.

The Facebook Pixel Series Conclusion

Basically, if you do not have the Facebook Pixel installed, you're missing out on some of the most important information available to improve your advertising on Facebook.  Without it, you will have an extremely difficult time optimizing your campaigns for a particular action. And worse, you will have ZERO visibility into what actions people are taking once they interact with your advertisement.

So, run through our Facebook Pixel Series and make sure you understand why you need the pixel. And, how you can take advantage of this little piece of code and all that it has to offer.

Well, that’s all, for now, folks, we hope you find this information useful. If you happen to have any questions on the subject matter, please be sure to let us know in the comments below, we would LOVE to help!

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