Testing: New Facebook Features

By Tim Burd - August 9, 2018 5564 Views
Features Being Testing
By Tim Burd - August 9, 2018 5565 Views

There are a couple features that are being tested by Facebook and we have the sneak peek for you! There is no exact date on if and when these new features will be released. A lot of that may depend on the feedback from the users. The first is a tool which will show users how much time they spend on the mobile Facebook app.

“Your Time on Facebook”

This feature will allow users to see the average time spent per day, and the total time spent within a seven day time period. It will also give users the option to set alerts when they’ve reached a pre-set time on the app.

This move might not make sense and seems like it could impact Facebook negatively. We see this feature and the others that are being tested as a way for Facebook to empower their users. Let’s be honest, there won’t be a significant drop in active users.

Keyword Snoozing

Keyword Snoozing will allow users to block posts coming through the news feed depending on if the post contains words or phrases the user bans.

Testing: Keyword Snoozing

For the users of Facebook, this is huge! Some of you may have even used third-party tools in the past to accomplish this task. When you click on a post’s drop-down menu in the right-hand corner, you’ll be able to choose “Snooze Keywords.” From there you will be able to choose what keywords or words you want to hide for thirty days.

Snooze Keywords

Mute Notifications

The last feature we will cover allows users to temporarily mute all mobile notifications. With this feature, Facebook has added a “do not disturb” button. Think of the button as an on/off switch for notifications in the Facebook app.

Turn Off Notifications

This may keep users from being sucked into the Facebook rabbit hole when they are trying to avoid the platform.

Updates like these are all about empowering the users of Facebook.  With the recent heat that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been under, it’s easy to see why these updates are being tested!  

Do you think users will actually take advantage of these features?  Or is this simply Facebook’s attempt to keep users engaged during times of scrutiny?  Comment below and let us know.

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